Chloe Bailey Slams DJ Envy on ‘Breakfast Club’ for Not Listening to Her Album

Chloe Bailey Slams DJ Envy on ‘Breakfast Club’ for Not Listening to Her Album

In a new episode of the radio show, the 24-year-old singer calls out the host as he doesn’t appear to have listened to her new project, ‘In Pieces’, prior to the interview.

AceShowbizChloe Bailey stopped by “The Breakfast Club” to promote her new album “In Pieces”. In the new episode of the radio show, the R&B singer, however, called out DJ Envy as he didn’t appear to have listened to her project prior to the interview.

“Listen… Come here. Did you download the album?” the one half of Chloe x Halle asked the host as he didn’t know the names of songs from her new set. To that, DJ Envy responded, “I streamed it.”

Chloe replied, “Ok, so what was your favorite song?” When DJ Envy stayed silent, the 24-year-old star continued, “You keep wanting me to throw him under the bus, tell me your favorite song!”

DJ Envy defended himself as saying, “I’m a DJ, so I play the record in the club.” Chloe, however, wasn’t happy with the answer as she asked again, “Which one did you play from ‘In Pieces’? Because ‘Have Mercy’ isn’t on [that album].”

After watching the clip from the interview, fans compared Chloe to Nicki Minaj for fearlessly calling out DJ Envy. “It’s giving nicki minaj interview IKDR,” one fan said.

“This the same thing Nicki called out years ago. It’s crazy how they do black artist but quick to bring up some gossip. But if it was Ed Sheeran or Adele they would’ve listened to every song and watched the damn biopic,” one other similarly noted.

Slamming the DJ, another user wrote, “This is corny. People take time out of their busy schedule and you don’t even have the decency to listen to it.”

Someone, meanwhile, mentioned former host Angela Yee. “That’s why angela was a good fit because she would actually do her research listens to the albums or read the books and took the time to know what they had been up to,” the person commented.

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