Cleaning hack to make carpet look brand new – from removing mud to wine stains

Cleaning hack to make carpet look brand new – from removing mud to wine stains

If you struggle to get pesky stains out around the home, then you might want to keep on reading.

That's because research from  has revealed some handy hacks for remove stains from carpets, clothing and other household fabrics.

The expert advice features a range of techniques, depending on the type of stain, with some of the more unusual tips using raw egg yolk, beer and salt to clean your items.

A spokesperson from said: "Potentially tough stains should be tackled as soon as possible, so they don’t have chance to become embedded in your clothes, carpets or other materials and get more difficult to remove.

"If you’re not sure about the potential side effects of a stain removal solution, test the method on an unimportant piece of similar material first.

"As a general rule, natural products and simpler methods are usually safer and more effective than complicated chemicals."

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Here's a look at the top tips for removing tricky stains:

Red wine

Excess wine should be blotted, rather than rubbed, as soon as spilt. Apply salt, allow to soak for a few minutes and then slowly pour boiling water over it. If the material can be pulled taut, this also helps.


Use cold water only and natural, distilled white vinegar either by hand or in the wash – no need for soap.


Machine washable fabric can be freed from lipstick stains if the area is saturated with hairspray, left for a few minutes and the dabbed out.

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Rub an appropriate amount of raw egg yolk into the chocolate stained area of clothing, carpets or other material, using a cloth rather than your fingers.


To shift paint stains from clothes or other fabrics, allow it to dry and they brush off as much as possible. Then add soapy water to scrape off any remaining deposits, before blotting with rubbing alcohol to ensure it’s totally removed.


Using a smooth butter knife or similar scraper that isn’t too sharp, flick off the bulk of any mud from the affected surface or piece of clothing. Next allow the area to soak in washing up liquid overnight, before scrubbing with a wet brush and rinsing.

Tea or coffee

Gently rub a little beer into the material you’ve spilt your hot drink on and then wash or clean it as normal.

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Fresh sauce stains can be removed straight after dinner by applying dishwashing liquid to the offending area, before lightly rubbing and rinsing with cold water.


Solvent denatured alcohol – or methylated spirits – is the best thing to apply to ink stains, before washing in warm soapy water.


Patience is required to lift sweat stains from clothing – mix bicarbonate of soda and water into a paste and allow it to dry in over a few hours.


Hot, soapy water is required to break down the oil base – apply and scrub or wipe a little at a time though, to avoid spreading the stain.

Rub the stain into itself, using a simple mix of soap and cold water – add some washing up liquid if the blood is dried in.


If kids get crayon on clothes or carpets, the thicker stain needs to be broken up before soaking in undiluted vinegar – use an old tooth or nail brush.

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