Conor Benn vs Sebastian Formella LIVE RESULTS: UK start time, stream, TV channel, undercard for big welterweight fight – The Sun

Conor Benn vs Sebastian Formella LIVE RESULTS: UK start time, stream, TV channel, undercard for big welterweight fight – The Sun

CONOR BENN hasn't fought for over a year – and he's being welcomed back to the sport with a big test.

'The Destroyer' is undefeated in his pro career so far and could last be seen knocking out Steven Jamoye at the O2 last October.

Benn was meant to fight again in the spring but coronavirus scuppered those plans – so he's back this weekend against IBO welterweight titleholder Formella.

Formella dropped a decision to former two-time world champion Shawn Porter in August, so this will be his second fight of the pandemic.

  • Benn vs Formella is expected to start around 9.45pm UK time.
  • Benn vs Formella is live on Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Arena.
  • You can live stream the action from your NOW TV or Sky Go app on a tablet or mobile device.

Benn vs Formella FULL CARD

  • Conor Benn vs Sebastian Formella
  • Fabio Wardley v Richard Lartey
  • Liam Davies v Sean Cairns
  • Alen Babic v Tom Little
  • Ben Ridings vs Jez Smith
  • Wally Downes Jr


    The fan-friendly Ghana giant is up on his feet unaided.

    Fabio Wardley has remained in a neutral corner, clearly concerned for his latest victim.

    Lartey has been able to walk around for a few steps and exits the ring on his own terms.

    Wardley comes over and hugs him as he gingerly takes the stairs down and is helped away from the ring

  • Wally Downes Jr


    The defeated visitor is lifted to a stool in the ring and given oxygen.

    Wardley unleashed two howitzers and Lartey's teak-tough skull could not take the power.

    Medics are still tending to Lartey but he is sat upright.

  • Wally Downes Jr


    The Son of the Eagle needs medical attention in the ring after Wardley ruffled his feathers.

    Lartey was walking forward with a high guard and suddenly left himself open to two huge shots.

    Wardley pinged right and left hands into his head and the Ghana man collapsed on the spot.

    The referee didn't even make it to 10 before waving it off.

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Wardley evades a couple of looping left hooks and scores with a few jabs.

    Lartey throws a double jab and Wardley is silky as he rolls out of danger.

    Boom, Wardley thunders in two huge shots and Lartey is poleaxed and out!

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Wardley starts well but Lartey clips him with a hook.

    Lartey keeps walking forward with a high guard so Wardley is only hitting gloves.

    Wardley gets pinned in a corner and the ref tells them to box their way out of it.

    Lartey keeps marching on, Wardley tries to pick him off. The bell ends a tasty opener.

  • Wally Downes Jr

    HERE HE IS..

    Richard 'Son of the Eagle' Lartey dances and sings his way into the ring.

    Lartey is giving this ringwalk absolutely everything, he could be shattered by the first bell,

    “I am an eagle, an African eagle!” his ringwalk song bellows.

    Lartey is having this biiiiiiiig time.

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Richard Lartey had a toe-to-toe war with British champion Daniel Dubois and took Nathan Gorman the distance last time out.

    The Ghana giant now stands menacingly in the way of rising Ipswich ace Fabio Wardley.

    Will Lartey finally land a London win on his third visit?

    Or will Dillian Whyte-managed Wardley continue his rapid rise?

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Alen Babic's critics insist he will not be able to maintain this pace in a longer fight.

    He insists on proving them wrong…

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Team GB heavyweight star is watching tonight's action and writing up a hitlist…

  • Wally Downes Jr


  • Wally Downes Jr


    Beaten Tom Little gets off the floor and is fine.

    Alen Babic removes his gloves and hugs the man he justed battered into the Wembley canvas.

    Babic is suddenly a serious contender who is 6-0 and showing no signs of slowing down.

    Who next for The Savage?

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Has one of these giants gassed?

    Little lands a left hook to the body. Babic throws his first jab of the night.

    Little is smashed down with a right hook but somehow gets up.

    Little scores back with his first punch off the floor and another counter hook lands but Babic is solid.

    Babic goes head and body again and Little is folded into the floor and stopped

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Babic lands a left and Little retreats to the ropes.

    The Savage unloads a dozen hooks into Little's ribs and he shouts “come on, punch me Babic!”

    Babic hurls an uppercut from his ankles but Little slips it and clips him back. This is madness.

    Babic ends the session thumping away but this skinny new-look little is tough.

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Do not blink!

    Babic has vowed to end it inside two rounds.

    And Little vowed to stand and trade leather with the powerhouse.

    Little starts shrewdly, jabbing and holding and evading Babic's bombs.

    But the Croatian lands with a couple of massive hooks that the Englishman somehow brushes off.

    It's frantic and ugly and dangerous. And there's more!

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Tom Little has dropped four stone to finally make a go of his boxing career.

    The Hatfield's man has lost his last four fights and does not want to become a punchbag with his young son Tom watching on.

    The proud Traveller believes he has all the tools to stop the Alen Babic steam train.

    Croatian bad boy Babic has been a wrecking ball and insists he has much more to show.

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Jez Smith pulls off a brilliant upset win after taking the fight on just five day's notice.

    The Harrow man has hardly been training at all since his last fight in July.

    But he has earned the respect of promoters Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren in his last two bouts ands will be in another TV fight soon.

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Triumphant Jez Smith says he wants to be dedicated now and get down to super-welter.

    When asked who he fancies next, he said he has unfinished business with Ted Cheeseman from the amateur and wants to settle the score.

    Smith took the fight on five day's notice and won in every department. He will be a handful back down at 11st.

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Referee rightly calls it 60–54

    Smith edged the attacking work and was miles better on the back foot.

    The Harrow man was comfortable enough to showboat, cheering and celebrating in the sixth and final round as he approached the decision.

    Ridings was tough and game but overmatched after just three bouts.

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Uppercu and right hand from Smith force Ridings back early.

    Smith tries another one-two but Ridings has finally cottoned on, ducks and lands a counter left-hook.

    When Smith goes to the body he is clipped again with another left hook around the temple.

    Smith celebrates more defensive work with a loud “whoop” in the silent arena.

    Smith roars with delight at the end of that. He should soon be declared the winner.

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Ridings has been whacking fresh air most of the night.

    Smith ducks another clumsy attack and pulls the Billy-Joe Saunders showboat pose by staring into the crowd.

    Brilliant left hook from Smith and a decent reply from Ridings.

    Smith changes levels and lands again with jabs and right hand to Ridings' abs and head.

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Smith starts the round with another crisp one-two that rattles Ridings' head for the upteenth time.

    But Ridings lands with a leap-in uppercut in his blue corner.

    Ridings has been made to miss so many times by Smith's slick movement.

    And the Bury man's tatooed face is starting to show signs of the straight combinations Smith has repeatedly landed.

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Three rounds in and Ridings can still not stop the Smith one-two.

    Ridings is having his own success going forward though but some of his punches miss wildly.

    Smith lands another one-two and dances away to applause from the ringside Matchroom staff.

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Ridings starts the round with a heavy lead left uppercut but Smith eats it.

    The Harrow man is showing the better defence and brain as Smith avoids most of Ridings' attacks.

    Smith's movement is helping him counter and Riding does not have an answer.

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Smith scores again with a crisp one-two but Ridings whacks back with a left hook.

    Smith is having a lot of success with simple one-twos that Ridings should be better equiped to defend.

    Ridings seems to be catching most of the head attacks on his gloves but if one of these combinations land the Bury man will be in trouble…

  • Wally Downes Jr


    Jez Smith is a tough fella fighting well above his usual weight.

    And Ridings is a 3-0 prospect who Callum Smith trusts with regular sparring.

    Smith has lost his last two fights and is naturally a welterweight but his team are confident of a shock.

    Smith pops out a jab to find his rangeand then lands a banging one-two

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