Dachshund whimpers when his reflection won’t play with him in cute clip

Dachshund whimpers when his reflection won’t play with him in cute clip

An adorable daschund puppy has been melting hearts after struggling to understand why his 'friend' doesn't want to play.

The sweet dog is yet to grasp the concept of a reflection and spends ages staring at himself in the fireplace glass.

Zero, better known as ‘Zero the Doxie’ on TikTok, seems to think that the other dog just doesn't want to have any fun as he sits patiently waiting for play time.

The pup sits looking longingly at the switched-off fireplace gazing into the glass where he can see ‘another’ dachshund in the reflection, the Mirror reports.

The TikTok clip, which has been viewed more than 14,500 times, sees the young dog let out a whimper before taking a few steps back to entice his 'friend' to engage with him.

His owner, Erin Renee, asked their 31,900 followers if anyone else’s dog has been tricked by their reflection before.

It led to several comments encouraging her to get another dog for Zero to play with.

One said: “Doxies do best in pairs, just in case you were needing an excuse to get a second dog.”

Another added: “Zero needs you to get a second dachshund puppy.”

“My dog does this, too,” said a third. “She’s slowly got over it but every once in a while the dog in the fireplace does something she doesn’t like.”

The American Kennel Club says dachshunds are ‘curious and friendly’, and the breed is well-known for being both intelligent and stubborn.

The breed finds itself in thetop 10 most affectionate breeds , which is why they’re adored by dog owners all over the world, includingStrictly Come Dancing’s Anton Du Bekeand Coronation Street ’sDaniel Brocklebank .

In another viral video, one sausage dog ownerbuilt his three dachshunds their own living room , complete with a TV, bar cart and sofas.

Doxies Peaches, Mitza and Challah can often be found relaxing in the custom designed lounge, which has paintings and prints hung at weiner dog height, alongside modern lamps and rugs.

Viewers said the room was stunning and better than their living rooms.

One said: “The moment you realise that these dogs have a nicer living room than you do.”

People are even suggesting additions to the room, from fish tanks to Christmas trees.

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