Daily horoscope for July 12: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Daily horoscope for July 12: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Astrologers expect Monday to be a very positive and fun start to the week, which is welcome news. The weekend saw the New Moon dip into the Zodiac sign of Cancer and that may have been a challenge for some. Emotional stunting and a focus on the internal may have left you reeling by Sunday.

But with today’s horoscope, YouTube astrologer Gregory Scott thinks the Crescent Moon in Leo is going to fill you with a sense of ease.

Leo is a very positive and boisterous energy that likes to live in the spotlight.

People with a strong Leo presence in their lives are said to enjoy the more theatrical aspects of life.

But for every positive Leo aspect, there is a negative, and some of these can cut deep if you are not prepared.

In particular, Leo does not take kindly to any form of criticism – constructive or not.

Leo’s tendency to be loud and jovial may also be a symptom of the sign’s underlying insecurities.

At its worst, you surround yourself with people and act the fool just so you can bask in the attention.

At the same time, leadership, competitiveness and humour are all of your strongest aspects.

The Moon in Leo Conjuncts the planets Venus and Mars today – both in the sign of Leo.

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According to Mr Scott, you are consequently very much lit up by the element of Fire today.

Fire in this scenario has everything to do with your life purpose and ploughing on ahead, despite whatever obstacles may be in your way.

You are backed by a feeling that you can rise above your problems or, at the very least, tackle them head-on.

Mr Scott said in his weekly forecast: “So when problems are solved very easily, just because you feel so strong within, that makes life enjoyable.

“Because if nothing can touch you, then problems kind of cease to exist in essence.”

You are, consequently, carefree and able for the first time in a while to truly enjoy yourself.

Mars in this aspect is the planet driving everything forward.

The Red Planet represents masculinity and competition – and when Leo comes to play – confidence levels burst through the roof.

Mr Scott added: “In Leo it’s really certain of itself.

“It likes to go out to the world and explore, and to have new experiences and to have risks.”

Venus, on the other hand, represents everything to do with love and beauty and creativity.

There is a sense you no longer need to put on a facade as you feel like your true self and this is the face you want to show to the world.

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