Daisy Ridley Crashes Into Tom Holland, Nick Jonas in Chaos Walking Trailer

Daisy Ridley Crashes Into Tom Holland, Nick Jonas in Chaos Walking Trailer

This is not the Jedi you’re looking for…but it is a star-studded sci-fi epic!

The first trailer for the long-delayed sci-fi thriller “Chaos Walking” dropped on Thursday.

Based on the sci-fi trilogy of the same name by Patrick Ness, the film features Star Wars phenom Daisy Ridley as the only female on a dystopian colony world where men’s thoughts are outwardly displayed by a phenomenon coined “The Noise.”

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The two-minute clip opens with Viola (Ridley) crash landing on the planet before she has a run-in with Todd Hewitt (Tom Holland), who is both delighted and scared to encounter his first girl.

After promising to help and protect her, Todd takes Viola on a wild and dangerous adventure where they end up meeting a fur coat-sporting Mads Mikkelsen.

“It happened to every man on the planet, every thought in our head is on display,” Mikkelsen says, explaining “The Noise” to Viola. When she asks why there are no women around, he replies, “They’re all dead.”

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In another scene, Todd squares off with a character played by Nick Jonas, who warns Todd, “You better watch your Noise.” Todd responds with a visual representation of a terrifying snake.

Directed by “Edge of Tomorrow” helmer Doug Liman, the movie also stars Demián Bichir, Cynthia Erivo, Kurt Sutter and David Oyelowo.

Ness, Charlie Kaufman, John Lee Hancock Lindsey Beers, Gary Spinelli and Christopher Ford have all been named as contributors to the script.

The Lionsgate movie has been in the works for over ten years, with filming beginning in 2017. After poor test results and plenty of reshoots, the 2019 release for “Chaos Walking” was stalled. It’s now slated for 2021.

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