Daniel Arsham Partnered With Kohler to Debut a Functional Art Collaboration

Daniel Arsham Partnered With Kohler to Debut a Functional Art Collaboration

Following a fruitful partnership with Tiffany’s & Co., Daniel Arsham has recently linked up with Kohler to debut a limited-edition sink shaped up using the manufacturing company’s latest 3-D clay printing technology and injecting the contemporary artist’s signature aesthetic.

Entitled the Rock.01, the asymmetric vitreous china basin – formed by Kohler’s 3-D printed ceramics technology development advanced over the last three years – rests over a hand-poured brass “pebble” with a patina finish that fuses Arsham’s homage to time with new pioneering technology and Kohler’s 148-year manufacturing legacy. This particular collaboration has now been set in stone as this is the company’s first partnership with a visual artist in years. The functional artwork design realized by the New York-based artist was only made possible due to the new technology and would not have been brought about by traditional casting methods.

“Rock.01 melds the future of 3D-printing technology with the most basic methods of hand-cast brass. It is literally the new resting on top of the old, and I find that incredibly poetic. Kohler was the ideal partner to bring such a complex and futuristic design to life,” said Arsham.

The Rock.01 will debut at Design Miami/ 2021 and see a direct-to-consumer release in 99 editions by December of this year. For more details on the collaboration, interested parties can head over to Kohler’s website.

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