Fancy visiting this French museum exhibition? You'll have to take your clothes o

Fancy visiting this French museum exhibition? You'll have to take your clothes o

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what if the beholder was naked? Would that enrich the experience of the viewer and allow them to forge a personal relationship with a piece of art?

That’s the hopes of one French museum, which requires visitors to strip naked before they enter the exhibition.

The macLYON, the museum of contemporary art in Lyon, is hosting an exhibition on the human body, requiring its visitors to take off their clothes to really immerse themselves in the experience.

The 90-minute session will run until July, followed by a drink and chance to discuss the experience with other people.

The museum is hoping to attract visitors since other daring exhibitions around the country have been seeing success around the country.

The exhibition challenges the famous adage of 17th century philosopher René Descartes who said ‘I think, therefore I am,’ as it focuses only on our mental existence, and not the bodily.

The show, named Incarnations: The Body in the macLYON Collection, is in partnership with the French Naturist Federation, with tickets costing €11 (£9.73).

‘Our idea is to question the issue of the body in a given space, to see how bodies interact with other bodies,’ a spokesman for the macLYON told The Times.

Frédéric Martin, the branch chairman, said: ‘It’s interesting to experience an exhibition totally naked. That makes us focus on our own perception of ourselves, with a social artifice.

‘Naturists stay out of sight as not to cause panic in politer society. But now we are coming out from behind our ramparts to say that the philosophy is doing very well’.

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