FBI not expected to reopen Brad Pitt case after explosive Angelina report

FBI not expected to reopen Brad Pitt case after explosive Angelina report

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The FBI is not expected to reopen the investigation of Brad Pitt after an explosive report was revealed this week, according to a friend of the actor.

“The statute of limitations is way gone and they have seen all the information at hand. There is nothing new here. At the time they considered all of Angelina’s allegations and didn’t bring any charges,” the source said.

“The FBI investigated the incident thoroughly, there is zero chance of them reopening the case. This is all a concerted effort to smear Brad.”

An FBI spokesperson said they could not comment on the case.

The friend pointed out that, although Jolie recounted the same details from the FBI report in her ongoing custody case against Pitt, a judge still gave Pitt 50/50 custody of their kids.

The Oscar winner, 47, claimed to the FBI in 2016 that her then-husband Pitt, 58, left her bruised after drunkenly pushing her on board a private jet, leaving their six children extremely upset.

The friend told Page Six that Jolie referenced the star’s alleged actions on the plane to the judge overseeing their custody case.

The friend said: “Angelina’s claims were raised in at least two different legal contexts: the incident on the plane and then again during a lengthy custody trial. In one case, there were no charges brought and in another, Brad was granted 50/50 custody.”

The high-profile pair have been at war over their six children for the past six years, ever since Jolie filed for divorce in September 2016.

Although they’re officially divorced, the actors are still embroiled in a custody dispute over their minor children: Zahara, 17; Shiloh, 16; and twins Vivienne and Knox, 14. Sons Maddox and Pax are 21 and 18, respectively.

As Page Six reported, Jolie claimed in the report that was made public this week that Pitt yelled at her: “You’re f–king up this family” and said that one of their children was like a “f–king Columbine kid,” while on board a flight from Nice, France, to the US, in September 2016. The actress filed for divorce four days after the incident. 

The Pitt friend said: “This is six-year-old stuff that Angelina presented in the custody hearing. This is a six-year long campaign by Angelina to discredit Brad.

“This is really just Angelina’s version of events. This is what she claims happened …

“These claims were raised in the custody hearing and the judge obviously didn’t believe her, otherwise Brad would never have been given joint custody.”

Reps for Pitt and Jolie were unavailable for comment.

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