Fit model, 58, hit on by men decades younger who can’t get over ‘sexy’ figure

Fit model, 58, hit on by men decades younger who can’t get over ‘sexy’ figure

A bodybuilding model says she’s hit on by men who are years younger than her.

Maggie Chruścickam, 58, first got into fitness 18 years ago.

After turning 40, she started jogging five times a week and participating in tennis, yoga, skiing and swimming.

She realised exercise had a positive impact on her mood so started pumping iron too.

The gym bunny, from Wałcz, Poland, now works out five to six times a week for two hours and eats protein-filled food at four hour intervals.

She can deadlift and squat with 70kg weights – and feels fitter and sexier than ever.

Maggie said: "I have been addicted to sport since I was forty-years-old.

"I quickly noticed that sport is good also for my mind. It helps to manage with stress and makes me happy.

"I started bodybuilding. I have a personal trainer and do my workouts five to six times a week for about two hours and after three years, I am fit but not ready to go and win a bikini fitness competition yet – this is my goal.

"The thing I enjoy the most about it is my fit, shaped, young and sexy body.

"I think I was born with a belief that I am unique – that there is something special inside me. I can't explain it, but know that it helps me a lot.”

She continued: "One year ago, I bought for myself as a birthday gift a professional photoshoot. The pictures were wonderful and had to be showed to the world so I did.

"Modelling is my biggest love, in front of the camera I become a different person.

"Posing and then seeing my photos makes me very, very happy. Apart from this, I just like fashion, and I am good at mixing different styles.

"My fans love my pictures, and I love them. When you read such a nice comment, you smile to yourself and start to believe that you are really the most beautiful, sexy, powerful, classy, interesting woman in the world – and modest, of course. It's a great feeling.

"They say things like, 'Your legs like a highway to heaven and your body is perfectly stunning and divine' and can't believe that I'm fifty-eight.”

Maggie’s hard work at the gym has paid off as she’s now working as a model.

She gets plenty of attention on Instagram too, where she shares progress pictures as she sculpts her body for upcoming bikini bodybuilding competitions.

Fans gush the model is “stunning” and “divine”.

Younger male admirers also slide into Maggie’s DMs and ask to take her out, which she politely declines.

The influencer said: "I've received advances from men after they've seen my pictures. I'm nice and polite, but if somebody breaks the rules I block them at once.”

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She added: "I block people who send pictures of their private parts, talk about sex or ask me to send them naked photos.

"I don't understand why young guys prefer women at my age, but it's nice to be adored by them. I will not date a thirty-year-old man."

It’s no surprise that younger men try their luck as Maggie is often mistaken for being decades younger.

She said: "People often think I'm thirty or forty and they can't believe that I'm fifty-eight-years-old.

"Many women tell me that I inspire them. Looking at me, they start to believe that age is just a number.”

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