Football-mad dad gets 'England Euro 2020 winners' tattooed on his leg BEFORE the final

Football-mad dad gets 'England Euro 2020 winners' tattooed on his leg BEFORE the final

A DAD is so confident that Gareth Southgate's Three Lions will win the Euro 2020 tournament that he got a huge victory tattoo on his leg – three days BEFORE the game. 

Lewis Holden, 26, from Oldham, Greater Manchester, has fully backed the England squad to beat Italy in their clash on Sunday. 

The dad-of-two thinks football is definitely coming home, and is insisting that his new ink won't jinx England’s chances of winning their first major tournament since 1966. 

But he has admitted that he only originally planned to get the tattoo if the squad actually won the tournament after a pact with a pal.

Lewis has the words “Euro 2020. England Winners. It's Coming Home” tattooed in huge letters on his leg, along with a trophy.

He told the Manchester Evening News: "I haven't jinxed it, I've made it come home. Everybody has been saying that but it's not going to jinx it, I'm confident."

Lewis and his friend agreed that they would get England inspired ink if Gareth Southgate’s squad won the tournament by beating the Italians at Wembley. 

But after boozing during the semi-final against Denmark he started to message local tattoo shop on social media to see when they could squeeze him in.

He said: "One replied to me saying he could fit me in tomorrow then I just forgot about it, I'd had a few beers by that point".

Lewis’ girlfriend, Chloe Lynd, thought that her other half was a complete “idiot” when he first showed her his new tattoo but has since seen the funnier side. 

He has already got several tattoos, so explained that he wasn’t “too bothered” when he was getting it done on Friday. 

Lewis added: “On Monday, everybody will be queuing up for this tattoo.I might even get a Phil Foden haircut too if we win."

The confident fan will be watching the historic match at his local pub on Sunday, and will no doubt be showing off his new ink. 

But Lewis isn’t the first England fan to get a celebratory tattoo, with Teddy Allen having Gareth Southgate celebrating inked on his calf. 

Teddy, 33, splashed out £500 on the tattoo, and joked he has plenty of space left should any of England’s star players score the winner in the final.

England will take on Roberto Mancini’s Italy at 8pm on Sunday, and a win would mark the men’s football team’s first major tournament win since the 1966 World Cup.

Schools and businesses signed up to The Sun's Three Lie-Ins campaign yesterday as the nation hit fever pitch.

We called on headteachers and bosses to give pupils and staff extra time to recover on Monday after Sunday's seismic final.

Bleary-eyed staff will be allowed to nurse their hangovers after scores of business leaders gave them Monday off.

And shattered pupils up and down the country will be allowed to slope in for 10.30am without being marked in the register as absent or late.

The game would end at around 10pm if it did not go to extra time, but if it ended in a draw or penalties it would likely end closer to 11pm. 

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