Giant jellyfish larger than a Labrador found on Scottish beach

Giant jellyfish larger than a Labrador found on Scottish beach

TikTok user picks up 'slimy' sea creature on beach

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Measuring almost one metre square, the marine animal is believed to be a barrel jellyfish, also known as the ‘dustbin lid jellyfish’ commonly found in the Irish Sea. Fiona McGarva, a D&G Eco Warriors member, spotted the tentacled creature whilst walking her Labradors Poppy and Riley at Ayr beach, South Ayrshire, on Monday, July 19.

Fiona said: “I was walking my two Labs on Ayr beach at around 6.30 am. The tide was well out and there were a few jellyfish around, which is nothing unusual, then I came across this beast.

“I’ve seen lots of large ones washed up before, both on Prestwick and Ayr beaches, but this one was the most impressive one I’ve seen. I believe it’s a barrel jellyfish.”

Weighing up to 55 lbs, barrel jellyfish are often seen swept up along coastlines between May and June.

While its sting has been proven toxic to humans causing ulcers and burning sensations, the jellyish is not deadly compared to other species.

Those who suspect that they have spotted one should look out for eight frilly tentacles and violet fringe around the bell.

Taking advantage of the rare photo opportunity, Fiona quickly took a snap of her dog Poppy next to the transparent creature.

She said: “You can gauge the size in comparison to Poppy, my dog.

“Its insides were very clear, a coral and salmon pink colour. It looked quite ‘fresh’ if that’s the right word. It looked like a swallowed dog’s chewed-up rope toy.

“I’ve seen lots of jellyfish, but this is one of the most detailed ones I’ve come across. My dogs are also used to seeing them and know not to touch them.

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“I was chuffed with the photo – it came out really well, but then again I had a photogenic subject.”


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