GUIDI Releases Pieces Designed for 'The Matrix: Resurrections'

GUIDI Releases Pieces Designed for 'The Matrix: Resurrections'

Italian leather goods label GUIDI was asked by The Matrix: Resurrections costume designer Lindsay Pugh to create custom shoes to be featured in the film. Those costume pieces which were worn by Neo, Trinity, Morpheus and Bugs in the fourth The Matrix film are now being released online in limited quantities.

Two footwear silhouettes are introduced including a horse leather top-ankle boot with double front zips and a stainless steel heel, and a full-grain leather tanker mid-calf boot fitted with winding buckle straps and a Vibram sole. The duo both appear in black and silver hues and are constructed with Goodyear welt stitching. Unique .925 sterling silver and 100% kangaroo leather accessories are also available featuring a three-link ring, circle framed cocktail ring, square-framed ring, multi-nail shaped keychain, and a soft knot necklace. Footwear comes in unisex sizes and rings also come in different sizing options.

The pieces are now available on the GUIDI website. Prices range from r €240 to €1600 EUR (approximately $273 to $1817 USD).

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