Hair expert shares why William is ‘reluctant’ to grow a beard

Hair expert shares why William is ‘reluctant’ to grow a beard

Hair loss is something that both Prince William and Prince Harry have experienced. The youngest brother is often spotted sporting a beard, but why doesn’t William do the same?

Hair expert Jack Miles spoke exclusively to about whether a beard would suit Prince William – and why the royal might not be too keen on one.

Jack said: “Prince William isn’t well known for having facial hair, and while pictures do show he has sported a thick beard and moustache in the past, his current image is far more clean-cut.”

However, according to the expert, the future King would look very dapper with some more facial hair – although it might not be deemed appropriate.

He explained: “Given the Prince of Wales is quite thin on top, a beard could balance out his face and make his thinning look less harsh – but it seems that royal protocol doesn’t support beards.

“Prince Harry supposedly had to ask permission from the Queen to get married with a beard.”

Indeed, in an interview with Tom Bradby, Harry spoke about asking the late Queen if he could keep his beard on his wedding day.
The Prince explained that he felt “very, very different” without his beard and it felt to him at the time like “the new Harry”.

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He said he thought that William might have found it “hard” that Harry was allowed to keep it as he himself had been asked to shave it off.

The expert suggested that William might avoid growing a beard due to “public perception”.

Jack explained the cultural significance of the beard and why it could appear inappropriate for a royal.

“Historically, beards have been seen as a sign of masculinity, wisdom, and authority, and in ancient cultures, beards were often worn as a symbol of status and power.

“However, more recently, beards have been laziness or a lack of grooming, especially in certain jobs and social spheres, with upper society generally preferring a clean-shaven look as this is deemed more professional.

“This could explain why Prince William is reluctant to grow a beard as, while beards have become far more fashionable, they likely still aren’t seen in a positive light in the royal profession.

“Asking Harry to shave his beard could be a reflection of this, and may be an attempt to make him look more professional and in line with the rest of the Royal Family’s image.”

Jack noted that there are “very few pictures of men in the main royal family sporting facial hair”.

This isn’t a case of not being able to grow it, however, as both the late Prince Philip and King Charles have both been pictured with facial hair.

According to the hair expert, their thick beards would “have any man green with envy”.

Jack Miles founded his own hair extension brand Wigporium which sources 100 percent ethically sourced Virgin Remy hair and synthetic extensions that can withstand heat styling.

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