Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for November 22

Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for November 22

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You need to be clear about what your role is in a new group venture. You don’t want to be doing something one day to find someone else taking over from you, the next. Make sure there is a proper plan and that a tense situation can actually be changed and improved.


A friend or housemate’s actions will disappoint you. When you look back you can see how you should have seen this coming. It was easier to hope your instincts were wrong. Now that everything is out in the open you have some serious thinking to do.


You prefer to think for yourself and to make your own decisions. If this is being discouraged by people in power they will get to see your more stubborn side. You are known generally for your easy-going personality so this is going to take someone by surprise.


Insist on your right to make your own choices. Someone with a powerful personality will try to persuade you to support their plans and ideas. In standing up for yourself you will be deterring others, too, from being forced to go along with some unreasonable demands.


Not even your charm and wonderful sense of humour seems to be getting through to a friend or workmate who is in an awful mood. No matter how hard you try you can’t seem to get a smile out of them and you will conclude from this that they are feeling really down.


You’re being expected to accept more than your fair share of work. If it means you can make quiet progress on your own, you won’t mind carrying someone else’s load. A colleague will admit they are struggling and are grateful that you can help ease their burden.


Spending, saving and boosting your income is the main thing on your mind. You are very conscious of the challenges you face now and in the future. That is why you will be making it a priority to review your household budget. You are determined to keep on top of it all.


You don’t want to drop anyone in it for having confided in you. If they share a secret, you won’t let it go any further. You will also be aware of how you use information when this can influence your reputation. Most important is to be sure your motives are the right ones.


Your contribution to a group project will be accepted, respected and welcomed. Objections you were expecting to your ideas will not materialise. Instead, all you will receive will be helpful remarks and further encouragement to keep doing what you are doing. Are you single? A secret admirer will admit to how they feel about you.


A workmate believes everything they read including information designed to deceive. Their arguments will waste a lot of your time and it will become quickly apparent they do not know what they are talking about. They haven’t checked facts and their attitude is totally naïve.


Rushing decisions is not recommended. Where there is most risk, there should be most caution and care. If you allow others to push you to give an answer when you aren’t ready, this could take you in the wrong direction. Look after your own interests.


Have patience with a housemate whose behaviour is annoying you and adding to your tribulations. It would have been good to have their support but since you are getting the opposite, you may have to look to someone else to give you the advice or information you are looking for.

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