How to clean paving slabs without a pressure washer – THREE simple methods

How to clean paving slabs without a pressure washer – THREE simple methods

This Morning: David Domoney gives advice on cleaning your patio

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Paving slabs are some of the most common choices for garden patios and you don’t need a pressure washer to get them sparkling again. While the below methods can help to get paving slabs squeaky clean, remember to follow the manufacturers’ cleaning instructions for the specific paving slabs in your garden.

Washing-up liquid

It may seem too simple, but washing-up liquid can work wonders on a dirty patio.

Before getting to work, clear the area and give it a good sweep with a broom.

Simply mix some washing-up liquid with some warm tap water in a bucket.

Spill some of the solution onto an area of the patio at a time.

Give the slabs a good scrub with a hard-bristled brush to help lift the dirt off.

Keep cleaning until you have given the entire patio a good clean and then rinse the whole area well with clean water.

Let the patio dry off before returning any patio furniture to its spots.


White vinegar is used in a variety of cleaning tasks around the home, but it can be used outside to clean paving slabs too.

Give the area a good sweep and remove any weeds, ready to start the cleaning process.

As vinegar can damage furniture and pots, it is important to clear them out of the way before starting.

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Mix together a cleaning solution of half vinegar and half water and pour it onto the patio.

The solution can be left on the patio for half an hour to an hour, as this will help to lift any dirt from the surface of the slabs.

A stiff brush can then be used to remove any residual dirt from the patio.

Mop the patio clean afterwards with clean fresh water and let it dry before moving furniture back in place.

Specialist patio cleaner

If your patio needs something stronger than washing-up liquid or vinegar, there are specialist cleaning products tailored for this purpose.

These patio cleaners can be bought online or in some shops and garden centres.

Just remember to check the patio cleaner is suited to your patio type.

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