‘I look confident when I flaunt curves online – but here’s the brutal reality’

‘I look confident when I flaunt curves online – but here’s the brutal reality’

A woman known for flaunting her curves and cellulite has been left in tears as she "doesn't feel good enough" due to mental health struggles.

Body positive babe Ariella Nyssa is known for sharing self-love advice on Instagram – but recently she made a big confession.

In a brutally honest post, she told her 750,000 followers she's been struggling a lot behind the scenes lately.

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She recently shared a heart-breaking snap of herself crying, which is completely different to the content she usually shares.

Ariella is known by thousands for uplifting women, and teaching them to love the skin they're in, but she had to be honest with the people who look up to her.

Instead of slipping into slinky swimwear or cut-out outfits, she simply posted a selfie of herself in tears to show that everyone struggles.

It was an incredibly sad, but extremely brave thing to do, as she wanted to show people that everyone goes through difficult times.

She also told her fans she's booked to have an ADHD test to try and get some answers.

Writing on Instagram, Ariella said: "Bit of a reality check! Things are not always as they seem on social media.

"The last few weeks I have been struggling with feelings of overwhelm, and I’ve booked in this week to get an ADHD test.

"Amidst the highlights on social media. This has been my reality.

"Negative self talk, feelings of not being good enough, overwhelm about little things, brain fog and not being able to emotionally regulate.

"This is your reminder that your mental health is not a joke."

She added: "For the last few years I’ve struggled on and off, and have always been super real with you guys about it.

"For some reason the last few weeks I completely went inward, and almost felt embarrassed that I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed.

"I’m so grateful for my life and the amazing people in it, but this is my reality right now and that’s okay! It’s okay to admit you are not okay.

"Whatever place you may be in right now, you are loved, you are worthy, you are enough.

"Book in to see your doctor, psychologist and even talk to your loved ones!"

The blonde beauty also told people it's "not embarrassing" to not have it together 24/7.

She said humans are both "messy" and "imperfect", and everyone struggles from time to time.

Ariella also made it clear she wasn't posting for sympathy, but simply wanted to show what reality sometimes looks like for her.

She told people she'd update them about the test results, and wanted to hear from people who have experienced similar things.

Since she shared her story many people have reached out to offer advice and comfort.

One person said: "So strong for sharing this with us queen."

Another added: "Sending so much love to you beautiful."

Meanwhile, a third commented: "These posts make others feel better and not abnormal.

"These are the emotions we hide, so we don't realise everyone is complex."


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