I lost control and headbutted my girlfriend and I am so ashamed

I lost control and headbutted my girlfriend and I am so ashamed

DEAR DEIDRE: I AM so ashamed of myself because I lost control and headbutted my girlfriend.

Her cheek is all puffed up from the impact. I’ve never hurt anyone before and can hardly look at her now.

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I am 25 and she is 26. I work until about 5am, for a logistics firm and she gets up at 7am for work.

Even though I’ve asked her to be quiet, because I’m trying to sleep, she stomps around deliberately crashing into things to annoy me.

The morning I lost it, she had come into our bedroom and started vacuuming around the bed. I was so angry with her.

She has been winding me up for months, ever since I confided in her that I had a secret gay relationship before I met her.

When she drinks, she threatens to tell my family about it. They are very religious and would disown me.

Unfortunately, she drinks so much I can’t even talk to her after 9pm because she’s already passed out.

I know it doesn’t excuse what I’ve done but I have been feeling so wound up with her that I lost it for a moment.

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DEIDRE SAYS: You are in a mutually abusive relationship and I urge you both to seek help.

Your girlfriend is mentally abusing you and is drinking dangerously.

But no matter what the provocation, there is no excuse for violence.

I’m sending you my support packs Abusive Partner and Have You Been Violent? which offer lots of support.

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