I spent £53k on surgery and it was so worth it – lifes easier when youre hot

I spent £53k on surgery and it was so worth it – lifes easier when youre hot

A woman says her £53,000 plastic surgery transformation was well worth the investment.

Jazmyn Forrest revealed her life has changed for the better since she went under the knife as a teen.

She’s been having work done for seven years – starting with a boob job at the tender age of 18.

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Since then, she's had a second boob job, rhinoplasty and forehead reduction too.

The 25-year-old, from Gold Coast in Australia, has also had filler placed into her lips, cheeks, chin, jaw and temples.

She's had liposuction on her stomach, arms, thighs, back, chin and face, as well as several Botox sessions.

Jazmyn believes turning into a “hot” Barbie has been beneficial.

Not only do people treat her better, she also feels much more comfortable in her own skin.

Jazmyn told news.com.au: “I saw girls with fake boobs and noticed how the pretty women got treated so much better. I knew from then I had to invest in my body.

“With each surgery, I really do great treated better by both men and women, while my confidence also skyrockets.

“I see my body twice a day before I shower, and I see my face twice a day when I brush my teeth, so it really helps my self-esteem."

Some think Jazmyn has taken plastic surgery "too far" – but she doesn't take these comments to heart.

She added: “It so worth investing in your body and face, as that is what the world sees.

“I wouldn’t have gotten where I am today without my looks. From dating to friends, people give you a chance when you are hot.”


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