I'll have to face my ex husband at our son's graduation – I'm dreading it | The Sun

I'll have to face my ex husband at our son's graduation – I'm dreading it | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I AM dreading going to my son’s graduation because my ex will be there.

It makes me anxious just thinking about him.

We divorced after 15 years of marriage. My ex is an abusive bully. I couldn’t stay with him a moment longer.

I’m 44 and my ex is 46. My son’s 22. I’m also scared of my ex showing off in front of other parents.

He’s always bragging, making out he’s the best dad ever.

I have assured my son that I’ll do my best to keep things amicable between us on his special day, despite the fact that I know my ex will make snide remarks about me.

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Even if he’s pleasant I worry I won’t be able to find the confidence to speak to him.

We’ve had no contact since the divorce.

I want to be there for my son and to be able to control my fear on his big day.

DEIDRE SAYS:  Graduation day is one that most parents look forward to with great pride.

You are a great mum who wants to put your son first.

With determination, you will be able to conduct yourself with dignity and I’m sure you will make your son proud.

You can’t control what your ex does, but you can control your reactions.

Do your best to be respectful and courteous. Remember you have done well to start afresh.

You will always be his parents so keep in mind that it is unlikely this will be the last time you will face your ex at an event.


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