Im a mum-of-three in my 30s but people dont believe me and think Im only 13

Im a mum-of-three in my 30s but people dont believe me and think Im only 13

A mum-of-three has left viewers gobsmacked when they mistook her for a 13-year-old teenager.

Carolyn Fultz, from the US, went viral last month when she celebrated her golden birthday and turned 31, filming herself blowing out candles with the numbers 1 and 3 on them.

But viewers couldn't believe she was that old and actually guessed that she was turning 13 because of her youthful looks and petite frame..

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"I can't tell if you're 13 or 31," one said and another commented: "I had to look up what golden birthday means but no way you're 31!"

The video went viral with more than 10 million views as people wondered if she's a teenager or an adult.

Carolyn posted another video to reveal her age and she said: "Here's the truth.

"Many of you were wondering if my birthday candles were supposed to read 31 or if the video was mirroring so they actually read 13 in person.

"Am I 13? No way, I'm 31."

Carolyn also admits she is a mum of three and a happily-married wife to her "giant" husband, who is only three years older than her.

"I was almost positive you were gonna say 13, I was mad wrong," one said.

A second was shocked when Lyn barely hugged her husband, adding: "He is so tall, makes you look like you're his daughter."

"I'm turning 16 and I look older than her, stop this madness!" a third commented.

To respond to all the comments saying she doesn't look her age, Carolyn wrote: "Honestly thank you.

"I know it's a thing when younger people are shocked that 30s don't equal 'old' but also I get that I can look way younger than people expect a 31-year-old to look.

"But also at what age is 'older' because it's been 20 years of being told 'I'll like it when I'm older'."


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