Im a triple amputee and hot model – I love inspiring people with my story

Im a triple amputee and hot model – I love inspiring people with my story

A model who lost both of her arms and one of her legs after a childhood accident spoke out about being an inspiration to others.

Victoria Salcedo, 26, from Ecuador, was forced to have her limbs amputated at the age of six after she accidentally touched an electrical wire with a stick and suffered third-degree burns.

However, she doesn't let the accident hold her back, and now works as a full-time model.

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Victoria said she 'never thought' she'd end up as an influencer, however she now has more than 170,000 Instagram followers who keep up with her success online.

“I never thought I’d be an influential person for other people,” she said.

"But I like to share my life with others. I like people writing to me and asking me questions, for them to know that they can count on me."

Salcedo, who lives in Guayaquil, was spotted by a modelling scout at the age of 19. She then soon became in demand in the industry.

The gorgeous brunette also helped redefine ideas about beauty when she competed in the Miss Ecuador pageant in 2021.

“I didn’t go there to be accepted. I went there to represent my country, to represent myself as a woman, to represent myself as a soul being, as another form of beauty,” she commented.

Over the years, Victoria became accustomed to using her right leg to complete daily tasks such as eating and doing her hair and makeup.

However, she started to work out and soon became hooked on exercise after being fitted for a prosthetic leg.

Victoria hopes her visibility will encourage other people to think differently about other amputees.

“I use what I’ve lived through, what I’ve learned, and I share that,” she explained.

"To me, inspiring others is an opportunity to change people’s minds. It is a chance to share part of myself with others."


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