Inbred ‘Deliverance’ family go wild on all expenses-paid Walmart shopping spree

Inbred ‘Deliverance’ family go wild on all expenses-paid Walmart shopping spree
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    A 'Deliverance' family presumed to be inbred went wild in Walmart after being told to get whatever they want.

    The Whittaker family is one of the most fascinating families in the United States after spending decades living in squalor and understanding each other's noises.

    The siblings and a cousin are so badly deformed their eyes point in different directions.

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    The world first found out about the family when film-maker Mark Laita made adocumentaryabout them a few years ago, and he has continued to update viewers on their wellbeing.

    Subscriber to Mark's White Underbelly YouTube channel were moved by the conditions that the Whittakers faced in remote Odd, West Virginia and have since donated money to help.

    As the middle man and friend of the family, Mark has facilitated the cash being spent on home improvements, vehicles and in one video, he treats them to a supermarket shopping spree.

    In what was for a couple of members of the family, their first trip to Walmart, they looked like they knew exactly what they were after and enjoyed themselves in the process.

    Ray, whose communication is limited to grunts and squeals, introduced himself to an employee by raising a trouser leg to show his painful left knee.

    With three trolleys between them, a couple of watermelons were some of the first items thrown in before reaching the clothes section of the supermarket.

    Mark leads Ray straight to the belts where they grab one in an attempt to finally stop his forever falling jeans sagging so much.

    Clearly in the mood to make his own fashion choices, Ray chucks a tan duffle coat into the trolley and takes a fancy to a pair of Cheetos pyjama bottoms.

    "i think these are women's clothes, Ray," Mark can be heard saying.

    Lorraine who very rarely speaks on Mark's videos, is filmed approaching a wall of colourful underwear.

    One person commented on YouTube: "They are so excited. Lorraine loved the colors of those bras. I think she wanted one."

    A proud Timmy and Ray are next seen on camera donning a fetching new hat each.

    "You guys are so cute," Mark tells them.

    Shoes, dog food, a microwave and plenty of sweets also made their way to the checkout for the family who appeared to have a cracking time browsing the shelves.

    Touchingly, Betty knew a couple of colouring books would provide plenty of entertainment for Timmy and Ray.

    By sheer coincidence their brother Kenneth made an appearance on camera as he bumped into everyone while looking to buy a new phone.

    "Hey, how ya'll doing?," Kenneth asks as he pats Ray on the back and explained: "I came here to get me a phone."

    The 40 minute-long video has been viewed almost six million times since being uploaded, little of a year ago.

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    A fan commented: "This family is better behaved at Walmart than most people I've seen shopping at Walmart on YouTube."

    Someone else wrote on Sunday night: "They enjoyed their time out.. Thank you Mark for your kindness and generosity."

    "They're all so cute and endearing. They're a joy to watch," a third said over the weekend.


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