Influencer Georgie Clarke says she’s giving up on sex and marriage

Influencer Georgie Clarke says she’s giving up on sex and marriage

An influencer announced that she is giving up on sex, marriage and having children.

Georgie Clarke shared her decision on Instagram earlier on Wednesday to her 652,000 followers.

The 29-year-old reality star, who starred in Survival of the fittest, says she isn’t sad about her decision to ditch romantic connections.

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Despite the societal pressures women feel to settle down, and have children – ‘your biological clock is ticking’ – Georgie refuses to lower her standard to make it a reality.

Instead, she says accepting her decision actually made her life easier. And while she hasn’t given up on dating, it has taken the pressure off.

The post reads: “For the first time in my life… I'm okay with not getting married and having children. I'm not sad about it but after my experience dating the last few years… I'm just not willing to lower my standards just so I can get married and have children.

“Making the decision that I'm no longer bothered means I can walk away much easier from situations where I'm being disrespected because I'm not hanging on hope for the ‘future’ I'm just dating for the now.

“So many of my friends have come to the same realisation. We'd rather be alone than put up with this. And not to share too much but in a world where monogamy is so hard to find these days. I don't have sex with anyone.

“I have zero desire to have sex with some whose having sex with loads of people. It doesn't feel safe to me so I'd literally rather be alone and celibate than entering the dating scene right now.”

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Fellow Influencer Ashley James commented: “As a new mum I can say that settling is never the answer even if you want babies. I couldn't imagine having to do this with some subpar person I'd settled with!”

One fan added: “I literally quit dating because of the non-monogamous hookup culture we live in. If I happen to have a meet cute and meet someone great naturally, awesome! But until then, it's not worth the effort tbh”.

“I love how women are collectively waking up and choosing not to settle anymore we’re the generation that demands men to step up! Hopefully, the men in the future will reflect that,” said another.

A third stated: “Welcome to the club @georgie.clarke I have been this for over four years now and it's all about you having self-respect for yourself and not focusing on those just making sure you are happy and enjoying your life”.


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