Innocent viewers gripped by season two premiere

Innocent viewers gripped by season two premiere

Hit psychological drama Innocent is back as teacher wrongly convicted of murdering schoolboy she was having an affair tries to clear her name – and fans already have THREE potential suspects

  • The second instalment of hit psychological drama Innocent aired this evening 
  • Standalone ITV thriller sees Katherine Kelly portray schoolteacher Sally Wright
  • Sally has been released from prison after being accused of killing 16-year-old
  • Viewers were hooked by the episode and are already speculating about killer 

ITV viewers were left scratching their heads over who was to blame for a brutal murder after the premiere of Innocent’s second season tonight. 

The second instalment of the hit psychological drama sees Katherine Kelly portray schoolteacher Sally Wright, who is released from prison after allegedly murdering 16-year-old student Matty Taylor. 

Sally had been accused of having an affair with the boy and convicted for his brutal stabbing, before evidence emerged placing her miles from the murder scene, meaning she is released from jail five years into her sentence .

Unlike the first season, viewers know that Sally isn’t guilty from the outset, and get a glimpse of Sally trying to rebuild her life and reputation after prison as she goes to stay with old friend Jenny (Nadia Albina).  

Katherine Kelly is pictured as schoolteacher Sally Wright, who is released from prison after allegedly murdering 16-year-old student Matty Taylor

Marcella star Jamie Bamber plays Sally’s husband – who split with her after she was jailed, and Priyanga Burford plays his new partner Karen

Andrew Tiernan is pictured in the ITV drama as John Taylor, the father of murdered 16-year-old boy Matty 

Viewers are already hooked by the show, and were quick to share their theories, with one writing: ‘Oooh 10 minutes in and there’s already about 3 people who I reckon did it?!’ 

The second season of the hit thriller stars Marcella star Jamie Bamber as Sally’s ex-husband – who split with her after she was jailed, and Priyanga Burford as his new fiancé Karen. 

Karen is seen speculating about who could have killed Matty with her unruly daughter Bethany, who viewers later discover has been bullying other students at school.  

Many viewers predicted that they could be to blame for framing Sally, with one writing: ‘I’m calling it… the soon to be new wife @ITV #itv #innocent’. 

Viewers are already hooked by the show, and were quick to share their theories about who the real killer could be 

Another said: ‘I’m suspicious of Beth and Sally’s ex’s new fiancee’. 

Suspicion only grew further when at the end of the show Karen told her husband-to-be: ‘No matter what you’ve done, I’ll always forgive you’. 

Matty’s parents John and Maria became suspects after lashing out at Sally as she left the court house – despite her insisting that their relationship was never sexual. 

Later on the pair are seen saying that although Sally had been cleared of the crime – ‘it all turned to s*** the day Matty walked into her classroom’, before reassuring each other that they would continue to ‘tell the police nothing’. 

Sharing a picture of Matty’s father, one viewer wrote: ‘The look of someone waiting to get their comeuppance.’  

Another character viewers speculated could be the killer was Anna Stamp (Ellie Rawnsley), a young woman once taught by Sally who had falsely implicated her in the murder.   

The drama shows Sally being released from prison after new evidence placing her miles from the murder scene emerged

One wrote: ‘What a lying c*w! I’m suspecting her now’, while another said: ‘Well this Anna is a psycho with issues.’ 

Another wrote: ‘If I were you I would stay well away from Anna’. 

DCI Mike Braithwaite (Shaun Dooley) is investigating the murder and has already named both Sally’s ex-husband and Matty’s parents as people of interest before turning to Sally herself for help in the crime.  

‘I’ll give whatever help I can’, says Sally, ‘i’ll make myself available whenever I can to help find Matty’s killer. But I have also lost more than you can imagine, and so in return all I do ask is that you help me fully clear my name. 

The second instalment of the hit psychological drama sees Katherine Kelly portray schoolteacher Sally Wright

Shaun Dooley plays DCI Mike Braithwaite who is investigating the murder of Matty alongside Brown played by Michael Stevenson

‘Because I can’t repair anything if people believe I abused a 16-year-old find out why Anna stamp said she saw me with him when she did not. Find out why that girl lied, please. ‘  

The first stand alone season of the ITV hit show, which aired in May 2018, saw viewers question whether or not David Collins (Lee Ingleby) was guilty of murdering his wife Tara. 

At the start of the series he was released from jail on a technicality after being jailed for seven years for his wife’s murder and becomes determined to find Tara’s true killer. 

Throughout the series he grows suspicious of an array of people – including Tara’s own sister, Alice (Hermione Norris) who would gain financially from her sister’s murder and brother in-law’s imprisonment. 

However at the end of the series it’s revealed that David’s brother Phil (Daniel Ryan) was the killer, having attacked her with a hammer after she rejected his advances. 

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