Inside Queen Elizabeth's Very Close Relationship with Disgraced Royal Prince Andrew

Inside Queen Elizabeth's Very Close Relationship with Disgraced Royal Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew might be the mosthated royal in the family right now, even though he has some stiffcompetition as long as Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is still technically a member.But despite the Duke of York’s many transgressions, there’s one person who is stickingby his side no matter what: his mother, Queen Elizabeth.

Royal fans were shocked when Queen Elizabeth was spotted riding horses with Andrew on palace grounds mere days after he was officially fired from his royal duties. Most expected that Her Majesty would be furious with her son for bringing shame to the royal family. Obviously, they don’t understand the very close relationship Prince Andrew and Queen Elizabeth share.

Queen Elizabeth had Prince Andrew at a different stage oflife

Prince Charles and Princess Anne were still young children when Queen Elizabeth took the throne. She quickly got to work filling the role she took so seriously, going on extended trips and leaving the children in the care of their nanny, often for months at a time. Charles has expressed his bitterness at being sent away to boarding school and ignored by his mother the queen most of the time.

But by the time Prince Andrew came along in early 1960, Queen Elizabeth was more settled in her role and confident in her abilities. The queen took off for a full 18 months after Andrew’s birth to spend time enjoying her new child.

Prince Andrew was Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s ‘lovechild’

Plus, right before the queen announced her pregnancy, therewere rumors that she and Prince Philip were having issues in their marriage.Royal experts say Andrew’s birth was proof of their commitment to each other.

Royal biographer Lady Colin Campbell toldThe Sun, “The marriage had a rough spell but the birth of Andrew showed theQueen and Philip were back on an even keel. Andrew was known as the love childand he was named after Philip’s father Prince Andrew of Greece as a tribute.”

She continued, explaining why Andrew would come to representsuch an important moment in the queen’s family history. “I think the specialrelationship began right there because the Queen always associated Andrew withthe re-booting of her marriage and a happy time in her life,” Campbellexplained.

The queen always treated Prince Andrew like he was special

During Queen Elizabeth’s extended maternity leave, she rarely took her infant son out in public, which led to speculation that he might be deformed in some way. But really the queen was just keeping him all to herself — which makes you wonder how she could be upset with Prince Harry and Meghan for attempting to do the same with Archie.

Young Prince Andrew made his public debut at the annual Troopingthe Colour celebration when he was 16 months old. He was christened shortlyafter. Rumor has it that Queen Elizabeth intentionally conceived Prince Edwardto be a playmate for Andrew so he wouldn’t be an “only child,” since his othertwo siblings were so much older.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Andrew are still close today

Their relationship changed over the years as Prince Andrewmatured into a young man and then an adult, but one important fact remained thesame: the queen always had a special place in her heart for Prince Andrew. Mostroyal experts believehe is her favorite child.

And that’s precisely why she refuses to believe that hecommitted any crime beyond trusting Jeffrey Epstein too much and falling forhis lies. Royal biographer Andrew Morton put it this way: “With theEpstein scandal she – and the rest of the royal family – will take him at hisword…They will believe he had no idea about Epstein’s true sick personality andhis only mistake was to associate with him after he came out of prison.”

After exploring the queen’s close relationship with her son, it’s easy to see why she’d be spotted riding horses with him post-scandal. She still doesn’t believe her precious Prince Andrew did anything wrong.

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