James Denton Isn't So Sure About His Desperate Housewives TV's Sexiest Man Label (Exclusive)

James Denton Isn't So Sure About His Desperate Housewives TV's Sexiest Man Label (Exclusive)

“Everybody wanted me to put a tool belt on for a few years…”

There isn’t a person alive who could argue Mike Delfino wasn’t the hottest guy on television.

Well… maybe one: The man who played him — James Denton.

Last month the actor revealed on Australian morning TV how uncomfortable he was with the hunk label; and after arriving back in LA recently, he was doubling down.

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“What do you think?” he said, jokingly gesturing to his no-longer-constantly-shirtless body. “I think I was right!”

“See, this is what happens when your TV show gets cancelled,” he laughed. “No, I’m kidding. I’m on ‘Good Witch’ now. I’m on a good show on Hallmark Network. But most people know me from ‘Desperate Housewives’.”

The 58-year-old played Wisteria Lane’s Piping hot plumber / love interest to Teri Hatcher’s Susan Mayer for all eight seasons, from 2004 to 2012, until his untimely murder in the final season.

It was his juxtaposition with the actress that Denton credits for his on-screen glow up.

“I always played bad guys until ‘Desperate Housewives’. That was my point,” the modest star said. “But when they hooked me up with Teri Hatcher, everybody decided maybe I was… maybe I was better looking than I was before? I don’t know. Just to get Teri Hatcher.”

While he certainly wasn’t complaining, he said the role did somewhat pigeonhole him as “the hot guy” for a while.

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“I mean, you can’t complain. We were so lucky to be on that show,” he said. “Anything that comes with it — typecasting, whatever — is just gravy. So, we were very lucky.”

“It was a little bit harder to get seen for those [serious] roles,” he admitted. “Everybody wanted me to put a tool belt on for a few years… but you know, I’m too old now. Nobody wants me to take my shirt off now!”

Asked if he had any advice for younger hot male stars, who are perhaps known more for their physique than their acting chops — say, Taylor Lautner — Denton said he had none… because he needs none.

“I should get advice from him,” he insisted. “He’s got it made. It looks like that, he’s talented — He’s gonna be just fine.”

He added: “We had our 15 minutes and we were very grateful.”

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