Jamie Oliver shares chart showing different shades of festive gravy

Jamie Oliver shares chart showing different shades of festive gravy

What does YOUR perfect Christmas dinner gravy look like? Jamie Oliver shares chart showing different shades – and says you should make it NOW and defrost on the big day

  • TV Chef Jamie Oliver is encouraging people to prep their gravy this weekend 
  • Star shared a snap on Instagram of the different shades gravy fans might prefer  
  • An A1 gravy is a light milky brown with a D3, a very dark brown, at the other end of the spectrum – many said mid-range B3 was their perfect gravy hue 
  • Oliver shared the hashtag #GetAheadGravyDay urging people to make the perfect gravy and then freeze it to ease stress on December 25th

Get the Christmas dinner gravy wrong, and you could argue the whole festive feast goes awry – at least that’s the view of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. 

The television cook, 46, has shared a debate-provoking chart showing how the traditional sauce beloved by Brits and made from meat juices and stock can vary wildly. 

The chart, shared with his 8.7 million followers on Instagram, shows 12 gravy boats, each carrying their own code, with A1 being the lightest – perhaps more akin with a milky cup of tea – and D2 the darkest.  

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The merest hint of brown, or a mahogany liquor? B3 was deemed the most popular in the comments after Jamie Oliver shared this photo of the different shades gravy might come in

The TV chef is urging people to prep their perfect gravy this weekend, saying home cooks can save time on the big day if they freeze a fortnight in advance

In the comments, gravy lovers were divided on which hue signified the best gravy, although many plumped for a middle of the road mid-brown B3 shade.

The TV chef also suggested that this weekend might be the best time to prep a perfect gravy, saying home cooks can save time – and stress – on the big day.

Sharing the hashtag #GetAheadGravyDay, he wrote: ‘Which gravy? Get involved in Saturday 11 December THIS weekend!! 

‘We’ll all get cooking up the most delicious gravy that you just pop in the freezer to enjoy later on Christmas day.’

Oliver’s ‘get ahead gravy’ recipe takes around two hours to make and has ingredients including 10 free-range chicken wings, 60ml of sherry or port and two rashers of smoked streaky bacon in it.  

Just the right hue? Many responded saying B3 – a mid brown – was their perfect-looking gravy

The television chef says making your gravy well in advance – but still adding it to the turkey tray on December 25th – ensures buckets of flavour

On his website, the chef says amateur cooks shouldn’t underestimate how much gravy makes or breaks a Christmas dinner. 

He explains: ‘Good gravy has the power to transform, or even save, a meal. This year, open your mind to a slightly radical idea: make your gravy a few days, or even weeks in advance, simply reheating it in your turkey tray on the big day. Stress, saved.’

Oliver suggests that defrosting a gravy that you’ve actually had time to make properly will taste better – but also benefits from having a flavour boost on Christmas day if you also add in the juices from your turkey tray.  

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