Jonathan Ross daughter Honey’s sexiest snaps – nude shots to bum-baring bikinis

Jonathan Ross daughter Honey’s sexiest snaps – nude shots to bum-baring bikinis

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Jonathan Ross' daughter Honey Kinny is no stranger to posting sensational snaps on her social media pages.

The 24-year-old body positive activist isn’t shy about flaunting what she’s got, and posts plenty of bikini snaps on the reg.

Honey is the youngest of three siblings, along with sister Betty, 30, and brother Harvey, 27.

The curvaceous beauty has inspired a legion of fans to be more confident about their bodies, as Honey’s own friends have inspired her to strip off completely to get engaged in life modelling and various other sultry shoots.

We take a look back at some of her sexiest snaps over the years – from stripping completely bare to skintight dresses.

Cut-out frock

Honey had jaws dropping left and right when she donned a skintight lilac dress, which featured sheer lace on the thighs and a daring cut-out pattern at the front.

The teeny number left Honey’s cleavage and tummy bared to the summer air as she shot a grin at the lens.

Her stunning frock barely reached mid-thigh, leaving swathes of her arms and legs on display, and included a strapless design which left her collarbone exposed.

She paired the bold look with a pair of pale pink heeled sandals and her trademark round glasses, with her fiery red locks trailing just past her shoulders.

Writing alongside the sexy snap, Honey penned: "I didn’t have the emotional stamina to go to the club, but I still wanted an outfit change, so I wore this dress to be collected by Zane. I love you, angelic Leo queen."

Teeny bikini

Honey was enjoying a pool party with pals when she stripped to a teeny bikini, featuring chic high-rise bottoms.

The star hung out in the pool in the blue-and-white polka dot two-piece, with her hair secured in a short ponytail.

One of Honey’s tattoos was left visible on her shoulder, of two naked women lying back-to-back with their bums just about touching.

The star has a matching one on her right thigh, which shows a nude woman kneeling down with her arms across her chest.

In another snap, Honey posed with a pal in a burgundy spaghetti strap swimwear set, wearing a silver pendant around her neck as she gazed at the camera.

"A reminder to wear SPF 50 and say nice things to yourself," Honey wrote alongside the photo.

Bum-baring shorts

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Honey had fans floored as she demonstrated one of her latest sponsorships with inclusive fashion brand Snag Tights.

She could be seen on all fours in some long grass, on what looked to be a spectacular summer’s day, with her enviable rear barely covered by a pair of bright pink leopard-spotted swim shorts.

Honey paired the shorts with a matching crop top which left her midriff on display, and let her golden curls fall into her face as she beamed for the snap.

In another pic, Honey stood up and twisted to the side, to allow her 52,000 followers a glimpse of her peachy derrière.

Fans immediately flocked to the comments section to shower Honey with love, with one posting: "You are a total inspiration to so many people and you look stunning in this… that beautiful smile."

Someone said: "Sex on legs wow!"

"Your body is goddess style. How are your proportions so perfect?" another fan wondered.

Topless shot

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Fans will be well acquainted with Honey’s best pal and pet, Maura.

The adorable feline often features in Honey’s social media snaps, and on one particular occasion, couldn’t help but disturb her mum while she was trying to capture another stunning angle.

Honey stripped completely topless, in just a pair of neon green shorts that fit her ample rear like a second skin.

Honey lounged across a teal-coloured staircase with a mirror in the perfect spot to capture her curves.

Her cat could be seen perched on Honey’s back, the picture of innocence despite Honey attempting to raise her phone to take a good selfie.

The star cheekily added alongside the snap: "Maura please get off, can’t you see mummy is busy taking artful, dead behind the eyes topless shots on the staircase?"

Naked shoots

Honey isn’t afraid to strip completely bare for her fans.

She posed with close pal and comedy icon Lena Dunham – the brain behind TV show Girls – after collaborating together on the Body Protest podcast.

Just a pair of pink love heart emojis covered the women’s nipples, leaving their bums and tums exposed to tease their viewers.

Honey penned an extremely heartfelt companion to the post, which read: "I’ll never be able to fully express how much this woman shaped my relationship with myself, but I’m going to do my best to try.

"My mum bought me the DVD of Tiny Furniture when I was a very self loathing chubby teen, and I saw Lena’s beautiful face on the cover, and I felt hope.

"A new hope that I’d never felt before. I watched the film and was so moved by its rawness, by the way it approached sex, friendship and figuring out that liminal space before you’ve got your s*** together."

She went on: "And I wept because I’d never seen someone who looked like me – a beautiful chubby Jewish girl – be the star of the show. And not just the star – the writer, the director and the lead.

"When Girls came out a couple of years later, I gained a new confidence in my walk. Lena was the main character, and maybe I could be too.

"I saw myself as a viable love interest for the first time. I saw myself capable of a life beyond being just a ‘before’ photo."

Honey continued: "We also both have identical bodies and the same specific kind of arthritis so if that ain’t special, I don’t know what is."

Nude chic

Honey wasn’t playing around when she donned a nude lingerie set for a top-of-the-stairs shoot.

The stunner had fixed her red hair back with a pale pink headband and was busy strutting her stuff on the landing, in skin-coloured knickers and a matching bra fringed with pink lace.

Honey superimposed a pair of bright neon flower emojis to avoid any nip-slips as she held her phone up to capture the mirror selfie.

The snap was taken just at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic back in March 2020, and Honey cheekily flirted with her followers as she penned: "Y’all out here stockpiling loo roll?

"I’m stockpiling lovers for when we’re all quarantined."

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