Kate Garraway recalls sweet first date memory which brought Derek back to life

Kate Garraway recalls sweet first date memory which brought Derek back to life

Good Morning Britain presenter Kate Garraway has recalled the exuberant moment when her husband Derek Draper showed flickering signs of recovery.

In the second part of her memoir The Power Of Hope, Kate gives her readers full insight into the harrowing ordeal that she faced when her husband was hospitalised for a year after contracting covid-19.

Throughout Derek’s hospitalisation, wife Kate, 53, has been very vocal to her fans about her husband’s ordeal and has continued to provide regular updates on his progress.

In her publication, Kate recalls the moment she became excited by the fact Derek remembered a date they had years prior.

As reported by MailOnline, presenter Kate wrote: "Then one day on FaceTime I was talking at him – looking straight into his eyes.

"It's an odd thing, isn't it, video contact? Many of us have experienced it with Zoom calls for work. In normal communication, you aren't constantly staring. You're looking down at your notes in a meeting or at your food if you are sharing a meal, or you're looking around you. Not staring hard into people's eyes.

"At home, Derek and I wouldn't stare at each other all the time. We were busy doing other things – eating, loading the dishwasher, lying in bed chatting – not locked into that hard stare.

"And as I chatted to him, it reminded me of one of our early dates, when he had forced me to dance to Aerosmith's I Don't Want To Miss A Thing, and I had squirmed and tried to release myself from his gaze.

"As I stared into that iPad screen I said to him: 'This reminds me of that date – do you remember it? When you forced me to stare into your eyes. I kept trying to look away but you wouldn't let me,'" she explained.

Kate continued: "I carried on chatting about it, then asked him directly: 'Do you remember?' And his face started to crumple and contort in a strange way. 'Don't worry!' I said, 'it doesn't matter if you don't,'" she said encouragingly.

"I was concerned I was distressing him. But his face continued to crumple and I suddenly realised he was crying – actual tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Do you remember? I asked again. To which he nodded. He actually nodded!"

Kate was excited by her husband's admission and his progress at the time, as she shared her joy at the sweet moment.

"'Yes,' he mouthed. 'Yes… yes.' Then, to top it off, 'Of course,' as clear as a bell. He was in there! He knew me!

"I told him he was amazing, that he was a miracle, that it was all going to be OK, at which he sobbed and sobbed. 'I'm going to save you,' I said. 'I'm going to get you out, I promise.

"He stared at me. Now he was going, slipping back into unconsciousness. But he had come up from that deep ocean, just for a moment, so I knew it could happen again."

Former political advisor Derek, 53, was admitted to hospital with coronavirus last year March before having to be put into a coma.

After spending a year in hospital, Derek returned his family home in London last month.

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