Kate Middleton’s body language shows ‘authority’ which is ‘perfect’ for Queen to be

Kate Middleton’s body language shows ‘authority’ which is ‘perfect’ for Queen to be

Kate Middleton speaks to teachers with Place2Be

Kate Middleton, 39, appeared on a call last night with teachers from around the country. The Duchess has carried out royal duties online this year as the pandemic means she cannot attend events in-person. Analysing the video, a body language expert has commented on what Kate’s body signals may indicate.

As part of Children’s Mental Health week, Kate has appeared in several clips explaining the importance of mental health.

She filmed a selfie clip in a field the other day, during which she stressed the importance of looking after yourself.

The Duchess made last night’s virtual call from her Anmer Hall residence, in Norfolk, where the Cambridge’s are spending lockdown.

The royal said: “Schools are doing an amazing job, as parents you really have to recognise what a vital role you do for us on a day to day basis – having remote learning as well.”

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Analysing her body language, expert Judi James told Express.co.uk that Kate’s confidence may be growing.

She said: “Body language techniques can be taught but many of Kate’s skills appear to be instinctive, making her appeal come from her ability to look congruent, i.e. authentic and genuine.

“Several of her growing confidence signals suggest she has received what is called some ‘buffing’ to her screen techniques, but most of the star quality we’ve seen during her lock-down appearances looks natural rather than contrived.

“Her biggest risk as a royal communicator came with the selfie she did recently and, bare-faced and apparently unscripted, she passed that one with flying colours, adding even more signals of screen confidence as she chairs this video chat with a group of teachers.”

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Viewers of the video can see Kate from different angles, with cameras set up in different positions around the room she is sitting in.

Judi added: “The two-camera technique allows us to watch how Kate’s key non-verbal cues create connections with her audience despite the remote contact.

“Firstly, Kate sits upright but also close to the screen.

“Her laptop stand allows eye-to-eye contact and the closeness suggests genuine keenness to listen and connect.

“Kate’s next technique looks subtle but it can have a powerful effect on an audience as it puts them at their ease.”

This technique suggests more “confidence” and “authority” according to Judi.

The expert said: “Kate begins in a ‘lowered’ state, with her arms pulled into her torso and a sweet smile and head-tilt to look self-effacing but as the meeting goes on and rapport is created she splays her arms subtly to suggest more confidence and authority.

“This ‘Mirror – pace – lead’ ritual helps create initial rapport via mimicry but after reassuring her audience her gradual splaying will help them to relax and grow in confidence themselves.”

When William becomes King, Kate will be known as Queen consort.

The body language expert said that the technique she is using is a “perfect technique for a woman who will be Queen as it will help people she meets to relax and speak up around her”.

“Kate’s high hand gestures allow her to ‘conduct’ the meeting as chair and although her hand clap and tight clasp as she announces the questions signals enthusiasm paired with a moment of lowered status, her next gesture with cupped hands, splayed fingers and a pen show she is also quietly in charge.

“Kate’s nodding as she listens to the answers is an encouragement signal that helps her audience to open up.

“As well as the nodding though, Kate keeps up a series of changes of facial expression to show empathy and understanding, ranging from the fun smile to a more concerned accelerated blink and a sucking in of the lips to signal intense listening.”

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