KFC’s new 80-piece popcorn chicken treat slammed for ‘slowly killing customers’ – The Sun

KFC’s new 80-piece popcorn chicken treat slammed for ‘slowly killing customers’ – The Sun

KFC's 80-piece popcorn chicken bucket has come under fire from health campaigners who say the fried treat is "slowly killing customers".

The limited edition bucket launched nationwide last month following a successful trial in Scotland and is available until March 23 for £5.99.

But the Daily Star reports experts are outraged by the number of calories and the high level of salt in the treat.

One bucket on its own contains 1,220 calories – over half the 2,000 allowance for women recommended by the NHS, and almost half the 2,500 calories a day recommended for men.

It also contains 7.16g of salt – more than the maximum 6g (about one teaspoon) of salt the NHS says adults and children aged 11 and over should eat each day.

For younger children, the maximum amount of daily salt is even less at 5g for seven- to ten-year-olds, 3g for four- to six-year-olds, 2g for one- to three-year-olds, and less than 1g for babies under one.

Recommended daily allowances

HERE'S the maximum amounts the NHS recommends you eat each day:


  • Adult man – 2,500
  • Adult woman – 2,000
  • Children – less than the above. Visit NHS.uk for more information


  • 11 years and over – 6g salt (2.4g sodium)
  • Seven to ten years – 5g salt (2g sodium)
  • Four to six years – 3g salt (1.2g sodium)
  • One to three years – 2g salt (0.8g sodium)
  • Babies under one – less than 1g

Saturated fat:

  • Adult man: 30g
  • Adult woman: 20g
  • Children: Less than the above. Visit NHS.uk for more information

Paul Evans, of charity the British Obesity Society, said: "KFC is basically serving up obesity in a bucket and slowly killing its customers in the process."

Clare Thornton-Wood, a dietitian and spokeswoman for trade body the British Dietetic Association, added to the paper: "If you ate even half the bucket that would be over 25 per cent of an adult female's daily calorie limit in one sitting and even more of a child's."

But Ms Thornton-Wood did concede that the bucket's fat content is "relatively low in comparison to other fast foods".

It contains 6.56g of saturated fat compared to the 30g maximum men should eat no more of each day under UK health guidelines. The daily limit for women is 20g.

KFC's online nutritional information does, however, point out that the 80-piece bucket is designed to be shared among four people.

Per person, this would equate to 305 calories, 1.64g of salt, and 1.79g of saturated fat in 20 pieces bite-size chicken pieces.

A KFC spokesperson told The Sun: "We're all about sharing at KFC and our new 80-piece Popcorn Sharing Bucket is no different. It's made to be enjoyed by four or more people."

The fast-food chain also sells a large popcorn chicken costing £4.29 containing 465 calories, a regular for £3.29 containing 285 calories, and a small for £1.99 containing 135 calories.

The Sun has contacted the British Obesity Society and the British Dietetic Association.

If that hasn't put you off, you can use KFC's online restaurant finder to locate your nearest branch.

KFC has around 900 stores in the UK.

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