Lana Del Rey Addresses Infamous Mesh Face Mask

Lana Del Rey Addresses Infamous Mesh Face Mask

Lana Del Rey has finally commented on her mesh face mask she chose to wear at her Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass book signing. Taking place at a Barnes & Noble in Los Angeles, the songwriter was seen greeting fans in a mask that appeared to offer zero protection against the ongoing Coronavirus.

After catching the attention of many news outlets and receiving backlash from the online community, the artist continued to stay silent about the matter. Now, after a little over a month since the incident, Lana Del Rey has addressed the event following a story by the Michigan Daily.

The artist tweeted with: “Great article. The mask had plastic on the inside. They’re commonly sewn in by stylists these days. I don’t generally respond to articles because I don’t care. But there ya go. Same goes for everyone’s masks in my video. I’m lucky enough to have a team of people who can do that.”

And with the tweet, more light has been shed on the matter — revealing that she was not as careless as the internet made her out to be. Why she took so long to address the public was also disclosed with: “Bro I’m working on 2 albums and excitedly and happily donating a million dollars throughout the nation…”

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