Man Utd legend Patrice Evra almost in tears and asks to QUIT Sky Sports role live on air after Tottenham humiliation

Man Utd legend Patrice Evra almost in tears and asks to QUIT Sky Sports role live on air after Tottenham humiliation

MANCHESTER UNITED legend Patrice Evra was left close to tears and asking to quit his job as a Sky Sports pundit live on air after his old club's Tottenham humiliation.

The Old Trafford icon was left heartbroken and furious by his former team's 6-1 drubbing at home to Tottenham.

And he was so emotional, Evra even asked Sky Sports to tear up his contract – as he feels he can't comment on Man Utd games anymore.

Evra said: “Alexis Sanchez… he said when he signed for United at his first training session he asked his agent to end up his contract.

“That’s what I’m going to ask to Sky. I really would like to end my contract with Sky.

“Because it’s my second game, I’m a positive person and I never want to talk about United because when you tell the truth it can hurt and I’m passionate and I love my club.

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“I know you have to have some filter when you talk on TV, but it’s a shambles…

“Tonight, no-one has any excuse, they let down all the United fans.

“And I don’t care about the result because I’ve been beaten 6-1. It’s just about every year it’s the same story.

“I feel now what all the United fans [feel].

"That’s why I’d prefer to comment different games than the United games if I keep working for Sky.”

Evra had already unleashed a furious rant at half-time of the defeat, with the score only at 4-1.

The Frenchman slammed United's defence saying 'no one deserves to play' for the club right now and fans would be better off turning on their PlayStation.

Evra said: "I don't know if I have to comment like all of this – we get lucky, Tottenham give us a penalty away.

"I've lost in my career with Manchester United – 6-1 against Manchester City… (Sir Alex) Ferguson was furious after the game.

"He said 'why do you keep attacking Patrice?' and I say it's because its the philosophy of the club.

"But are you seeing this (Tottenham game) right now?

"That's why I don't even want to comment because it is a catastrophe what is happening right now."

Evra continued: "My advice to any fan right now is to buy a PlayStation. Buy a player like Sancho, even Messi and start playing because this is a disaster.

"I've been a player so that's why I don't like to go on one player, but all of the defence is a shock.

"Bailly has the chance to play instead of Lindelof and he made that mistake – so don't cry when you don't play.

"I'm devastated and I am a positive person, but right now I understand the pain of all United fans.

"No one in this team deserves to play right now."

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