Man’s wallet recovered near bar where it was stolen — 20 years ago

Man’s wallet recovered near bar where it was stolen — 20 years ago

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Right where he left it.

A UK man has been joyously reunited with his wallet that was stolen 20 years ago — which a good samaritan found near the same bar where it was originally lifted.

The fortunate fellow, Ryan Seymour, from Lochgelly, Fife, posted a Twitter pic Saturday of his long-lost money pouch with the caption: “Well ladies & gents. You might remember a few weeks ago, the police got in touch to say my wallet had been handed in, that was stolen 20 YEARS AGO. Well. Here it is…..”

The recovered billfold contained an ID showcasing the graphic designer’s younger self, an old employee pass and several cards that had expired more than 15 years ago, including a VHS rental pass, the Daily Mail reported.

“The police sergeant said she’d never seen this in 30 years of working there,” Scotland resident Seymour wrote in a subsequent tweet.

The incredible saga began way back in 2001 at the Elizabethan in Dunfermline, when the young reveler — who is from Lochgelly, Fife — lost the wallet while having a few drinks with friends.

Seymour, 37, thought it was gone for good until this past April when police reached out on Facebook to inform him that someone had returned the wallet — though 60 pounds that had been inside was, unsurprisingly, missing.

He shared screenshots of the message from an officer named Gillian, who wrote: “Hi Ryan, I know this will seem a bit random but did you loose [sic] a black wallet with your name embossed on it years ago.

“I work at Dunfermline Police Station and someone has found a wallet in a hedge and handed it in this morning which may belong to you. It has a work pass and cards which expired in 2004.”

Most miraculously, the wallet was discovered in a bush “near the pub it was stolen from,” Seymour told the Daily Mail.

Per the screenshots, the officer then invited the belatedly lucky soul to pop down to the station to collect it, to which Ryan replied:

“Hi Gillian. Honestly it was so long ago I can barely remember, but I do recall somebody stealing my wallet I left in a toilet cubicle by accident years ago.

“Amazed it’s shown up, I will pop in and grab it purely for sentimental reasons,” he added. “Thanks for getting in touch.”

Today Seymour is “good friends” with the cop, who reportedly found the scenario “hilarious.”

For Seymour, the whole ordeal has been a bit of blur. “Back then it was party time,” said the lucky duck, who is now married with a 2-year-old.

However, he admitted, “It was funny to see me as fresh-faced and innocent on my old employee card, but the VHS rental card made me chuckle.”

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