Marvel Confirms Loki Is Genderfluid in New Teaser

Marvel Confirms Loki Is Genderfluid in New Teaser

In a new teaser for its upcoming TV series Loki, Marvel confirmed that the God of Mischief is indeed gender fluid.

The character case file shown in the teaser revealed that “Fluid” is listed next to “Sex” and is followed by a visual that showcases an interaction between Loki and Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson). Head writer Michael Waldron spoke to Inverse about finally confirming this Loki fact, sharing that he understands its importance. “I know how many people identifiy with Loki in particular and are eager for that representation, especially with this character,” he explained. “We worked really hard.”

Tom Hiddleston, who has portrayed the Norse God since 2011, added that Loki’s genderfluidity was not really a secret. “It’s always been there in the comics for some time and in the history of the character for hundreds, if not thousands of years,” he said, adding that he, Waldron and director Kate Herron “were very aware” and “felt responsible for” this. “Breadth and range of identity contained in the character has been emphasized and is something I was always aware of when I was first cast 10 years ago.”

Watch the teaser below. Loki premieres June 9 on Disney+.

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