McDonald’s is offering 50% off to customers who download its app this week

McDonald’s is offering 50% off to customers who download its app this week

McDonald's is delighting the nation with a 50% off discount on its entire menu.

Customers who download the app and sign up by November 1 (Sunday), will have 36 days to redeem the offer.

Only new fans are eligible, meaning those who are already signed up can't get involved sadly.

To claim the tasty offer, new customers must open up the app and go to the "deals" section.

There will be an option to select the 50% off offer where customers can then use when they're ordering.

And the good thing is that there will be no minimum spend with the deal.

It means customers can get an 89p burger for just 45p or even order a huge feast for themselves.

But the promotion can only be used once.

For those who are already signed up will get a £5 off for every £15 spent deal which can be used multiple times.

It comes a week after McDonald's launched a new breakfast roll in the UK.

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The baps cost £2.79 and is served between 5am and 11am.

They taste just like a Full English as they contain back bacon, a sausage patty, cheese and a free-range egg.

And the new breakfast item isn't the only product to be added to the McDonald's menu this autumn.

First was the £5.19 McChicken BLT – a crispy chicken patty is served with lettuce, mayonnaise and bacon.

After was the spicy quarter burger.

The addition contains beef patty, two slices of pepper jack cheese, jalapeño peppers, onions, mustard and spicy ketchup.

Some love the £4.79 burger, while others have moaned it's "far too spicy".

McDonald's also added a new quarter pounder deluxe to the menu.

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