McDonald's to limit Pokemon Happy Meal toys over fears they could be resold on eBay for hundreds of pounds

McDonald's to limit Pokemon Happy Meal toys over fears they could be resold on eBay for hundreds of pounds

MCDONALD'S is adding Pokemon toys to its Happy Meals next month and it's expecting them to be a BIG hit.

The fast food chain will put limits on how many customers can get to avoid them selling out and being sold on for hundreds of pounds.

It follows huge demand in the US where collectible Pokemon trading cards were added to Happy Meals back in February.

It is believed that they may limit toys to one additional toy per order.

You can usually buy Happy Meal toys separately to a Happy Meal at restaurants, but not when ordering online.

Some McDonald's restaurants stateside were forced to impose restrictions on how many people could buy after shortages were reported.

The cards, celebrating 25 years of Pokemon, were also spotted being sold on eBay for hundreds of dollars, games website Polygon reports.

The 25th anniversary special edition McDonald's booster pack of Pokemon cards was added to Happy Meals in the US on February 9 for a limited time.

There are 24 different cards and two version of each – one foil and one normal – with 50 cards in total to collect.

Pokemon trading cards were first launched in the 1990s and have since become collectors items, sometimes selling for thousands of pounds.

McDonald's confirmed to The Sun that the next Happy Meal toy will be Pokemon and will be available from May 19.

But the fast food fave has not yet revealed what the toy will be.

Maccies announced last year that its Happy Meal toys would go green and be plastic free.

The Happy Meal comes with a SpongeBob toy or book at the moment.

A Happy Meal comes with a main snack of either a hamburger, cheeseburger, chicken McNuggets, veggie dippers or fish fingers.

Alongside that, you can chose from small fries, a bag of carrots or a fruit bag with apple pieces and grapes, as well as a drink.

Happy Meals cost £2.79 but prices can vary depending on where you are.

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