Mercury retrograde October 2020: When is Mercury retrograde, what does it mean?

Mercury retrograde October 2020: When is Mercury retrograde, what does it mean?

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Mercury retrograde is a dreaded event that happens three of four times in a calendar year. Astrology fans are taking to social media to express their concern about the upcoming change in Mercury’s direction. When is mercury retrograde and what does it mean?

What is Mercury retrograde?

Mercury retrograde is an optical illusion when the planet appears to move backwards in the sky.

Astrologer Francesca Oddie (@francescaoddieastrology on Instagram) explained that the planet isn’t actually going backwards, it just looks that way.

She said: “The planets orbiting the sun all move in the same direction but because of the shape of their orbits.

“Because the speed at which we move around the sun differs sometimes it appears that a planet is moving backwards in the sky.

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What does Mercury retrograde mean?

Mercury is the planet of communication and exchange of information.

When the planet seems to move in a different direction, communication and all forms of information become muddles.

Francesca said: “Mercury is the Roman name for God, Hermes is the Greek name.

“He is the God attributed to governing the postal system, bicycles, short distance travel, communication, journalism and mobile phones… amongst many other things!”

Mercury retrograde causes plenty of normally reliable things to go out of whack.

Francesca explained: “When he goes retrograde, Mercury is said to go into trickster mode and all sorts of miscommunications, disruptions and delays can occur.”

It’s not all bad though, you can use the time for good.

She said: “It is also a fabulous time to slow down, do less and accept the delays with technology and communication.

“Enjoy the surprises and leave more time for coincidences to emerge.”

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When is Mercury retrograde?

Mercury goes into retrograde for the final time this year on October 14.

Mercury retrograde normally lasts about three weeks, and this time it lasts for 19 days.

Mercury goes direct again on November 3.

Mercury retrograde’s impact differs depending on what star sign it is in.

This month, Mercury is stationing retrograde in watery Scorpio.

Scorpio is all about secrets and loyalty, so try not to gossip about people behind their backs.

Water signs tend to be quite obsessive and emotional, so you may be feeling a bit emotionally unstable.

Unlike air signs, Scorpios and the other water signs are always looking back on past memories instead of thinking about the future.

You might experience exes or friends you’ve fallen out with trying to contact you.

On October 27, Mercury will move back further into Libra.

Libra is all about compromise, peace, and building bridges.

This could be a great time to make amends with people from the past.

If you’re already in a relationship, you should use the retrograde in Libra to resolve issues between you.

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