Mike Shouhed Reveals Paulina Ben-Cohen Engagement After They're Grilled on Sexting Scandal

Mike Shouhed Reveals Paulina Ben-Cohen Engagement After They're Grilled on Sexting Scandal

During the Shahs of Sunset reunion, Mike was put on the spot over the scandal, Paulina revealed drama with his ex and both shocked with prenup plans.

Mike Shouhed and Paulina Ben-Cohen revealed their engagement on Sunday’s “Shahs of Sunset” reunion — but the celebratory moment wasn’t without its drama.

The reveal came after both of the reality stars were grilled by host Andy Cohen and their fellow cast members about Shouhed’s sexting scandal, which rocked the first half of the most recent season. Ben-Cohen exposed his dirty laundry to all Mike’s friends after finding NSFW texts on her man’s phone — sending screenshots to the entire group. While he first claimed he was hacked, he eventually came clean and she eventually forgave him.

“I wanna share something with you guys, we’re engaged and we wanted to share that with everybody today,” said Mike, before Paulina showed off her gorgeous engagement ring.

He explained he first asked Paulina’s oldest son Mason for permission to marry the boy’s mother — and the kid, allegedly, said, “Go ahead, man!” Mike then recruited Mason to hold onto the ring, before pulling it out while they were on the beach in Hawaii watching the sunset. “He was so nervous but he goes, ‘Mommy, I love Mikey, I know you love Mikey and I want you to marry Mikey,'” said Shouhed, who added he then got down on one knee and proposed. She said yes and everyone on the beach burst into applause.

When Andy wondered whether the two would get a prenup, they both replied with an emphatic no. “I would not marry someone if I felt the need that I need to protect myself. In my eyes, that’s not a marriage,” said Paulina, then Destiney Rose pushed back hard. Even Andy said he “would tell any friend of mine to get a prenup,” but the two wouldn’t budge.

Before Paulina came out on stage, Mike was in the hot seat solo about the sexting scandal earlier in the hour. Shouhed explained he was “upset” when Paulina put his behavior on blast, but “looking back” he now thinks “it was a f—ing savage move.” He added, “She checked me and I appreciate it.”

“But I want to make this very clear, these texts, they all transpired over one day, in the middle of Covid, in the middle of lockdown,” he continued. “I never met this person, she DMed me, it started off as a friendship, then it got sexual in nature.”

The rest of the cast said the woman reached out to all of them — but Nema Vand added, “No one took the bait.” Destiney, meanwhile, insinuated that there were other women in her DMs talking about Mike — claims he denied. She also later accused him of “trying to get with two of [her] girlfriends,” which he also denied.

“Publicly I want to apologize for what I did. It was very very wrong, I feel horrible that they all had to get involved,” Mike added. “It caused divide in the group and I feel horrible about it.”

While the rest of the group didn’t think sexting counted as cheating, he said he has since “learned that it is” and added that he has stopped. When Andy stirred the pot by asking if sexting was worse than Naked Jenga — a dig at Reza Farahan’s husband Adam — they all, including Reza, agreed Jenga was worse because it was “in-person.” Mike also confirmed he’s seeing a “spiritual adviser.”

Shahs of Sunset's Mike Shouhed Finally Admits to Sending Sexts, 'Hurting' Paulina

After a commercial break, Paulina then joined Mike on stage where she explained why she put him on blast.

“It was definitely anger. It was in a moment where I just was very impulsive. I was heated,” she said. While he’s also cheated on exes in the past, she said she believes he “has changed” and wouldn’t do it again. One of the women he cheated on, of course, was his ex-wife Jessica Parido, with whom Paulina apparently had recent beef.

“Jessica and Mike every now and then check up on each other. Because I have access to his iCloud I have seen they were talking,” said Paulina, who saw a text from Jessica calling her “fake.” She claimed she reached out to Jessica on her own. “I said what I had to say, she responded and I left it at that,” said Ben-Cohen.

Before revealing the engagement, Paulina also explained that she’s “not such a fan of [Mike] being a part of the show,” because while their “life is amazing” it comes across as drama-filled on the Bravo series. He confirmed that if she ever asked him to, he would leave the show behind for her — before she went on to praise his family attitude during a recent vacation together, where she saw how much he cared for her children.

“The love and the connection that we have with each other, I would not be able to live a day without him in my life,” she added.

The “Shahs” reunion will continue next Sunday on Bravo.

Paulina Explodes as Mike Shouhed Sexting Scandal Blows Up Shahs of Sunset Premiere

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