Money Where Your Mouth Is: 8 Most Expensive Foods In The World

Money Where Your Mouth Is: 8 Most Expensive Foods In The World

What makes a food item the most expensive is a rather tricky question. It may depend on several factors like food availability, origination, exquisite taste, cost, and the labor involved in processing the food. Another critical factor that affects the price of food items is the society that consumes them. The most expensive food items in the world are because they are consumed by only a particular chunk of the masses. This is why some of these food items are considered ridiculously expensive.

8 Ayam Cemani Black Chicken – $200

This Indonesian breed of black chicken is a rare sight to behold, making it a costly delicacy. These chickens are referred to as Ayam Cemani Black chicken as they are entirely black, unlike the ordinary chicken.

This results from hyperpigmentation, which makes the chicken have a black body and wings, but even their internal organs are black. The Ayam Cemani, however, counts as one of the most expensive foods in the world. this chicken is also referred to as Goth Chicken, and it costs over $200 for two pounds.

7 Iberian Ham – $392

Iberian Ham is also called Jamón ibérico as it is a type of jamón and is produced in countries such as Spain and Portugal. It is counted as the most expensive ham worldwide.

This ham also has another name – Pata Negra – and is known for its rich taste and lush red color. It derives its rich flavor from the oleic acid found in acorns as it is acquired from black pigs that live on acorns and have vast fields of grazing in. It is sold in its dry-cured form, and two pounds of it can cost up to $392.

6 Japanese Wagyu Steaks – $450

Steaks in themselves are a delicacy, and when it comes from Wagyu, it turns into one of the best steaks available in the world. Wagyu refers to a ‘Japanese’ cow, and its beef has a reputation of being of superior taste.

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Reportedly the Wagyu steaks are from the female virgin cows of Japan. The best part of this delicacy is that the slices are layered with fat which melts in the mouth while releasing a fine flavor. This delicacy comes at an extravagant price of about $450 for every two pounds.

5 Matsutake Mushrooms – $600

Among other expensive delicacies in the world, which are often acquired tastes, are the Japanese mushrooms referred to as ‘Matsutake’ mushrooms. It is known for its sweet yet spicy taste and comes at a high price of about $600 for 2 pounds.

It is speculated that the high price of these mushrooms is because of their rarity due to invasive trees and a worm called the pinewood nematode, which is known for destroying the natural habitat of these mushrooms. The food has Japanese origins. However, it grows in other Asian countries as well. It is feared that soon this breed might completely go out of existence.

4 Moose Cheese – $1074

The Swedish food called ‘Moose’ cheese is acquired from moose milk, as the name suggests. It is especially processed and manufactured by the Moose House or Elk House in Sweden. The moose cheese is white and shares a resemblance with Feta cheese.

Only 300 kilograms of cheese can be sold in a year because the Moose produces about 5 liters of milk each day. Thus, it comes at a hefty price of $1074, plus the fact that it only comes from the Moose Farmhouse in Sweden.

3 Kopi Luwak Coffee – $250 – $1200

The special procedure of processing the Kopi Luwak coffee beans makes it the most expensive coffee globally. Mass production of the Kopi Luwak happens in several places like Indonesia, the Philippines, and even South India.

As a result, the price of this coffee is not entirely fixed. It ranges from about $250 to $1200 depending on the location and the market value. It is also called Civet coffee because it is processed from the beans eaten by a civet cat.

2 Swallow’s Nest Soup – $3000

The Chinese delicacy called Swallow’s Nest Soup counts as one of the costliest food items worldwide. The real nest of the Swallow bird is mainly harvested for making this delicacy. The story behind the rich taste of this dish is rather odd.

Swallows build their nest using their saliva, so in a sense, this dish falls under the category of an acquired taste. The nest is also hard to acquire as swallows build their nest on high cliffs which and accumulating them is a dangerous task, making its cost over $3000 for two pounds.

1 White Pearl Albino Caviar – $9100 – $300,000

The White Pearl Albino Caviar is derived from a white Sturgeon fish that is believed to live in the Caspian sea. The strange thing about the white Sturgeon fish is that they produce eggs exceptionally rarely, and sometimes when they are 100 years old.

This is one factor that makes the White Pearl Albino Caviar one of the most expensive delicacies in the world. Another reason for its high price is that the caviar is the pickled roe of the sturgeon fish, which makes it incredibly tricky to process and package. It comes at an astounding price that ranges from $9100 to $300,000 for every two pounds.

The most expensive food items in the world are also some of the rarest. These items remain primarily unknown for those who do not interest in exploring different food cultures of the world. However, for folks who are willing to try different cuisines, these items have to be on their wish list.

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