MTV Gets Ticking Off For Dropping F-Bombs In An Episode Of Cribs Before The UKs 9PM Watershed

MTV Gets Ticking Off For Dropping F-Bombs In An Episode Of Cribs Before The UKs 9PM Watershed

Paramount’s MTV has been found in breach of British broadcasting rules after it showed an expletive-laden episode of MTV Cribs US before the 9PM watershed.

The youth channel broadcast a tour of Ray J’s home in Miami on various dates between December 2022 and January 2023, all of which were before the threshold for gratuitous offensive language.

“During the show, two instances of the word f**k were broadcast, as well as nine instances of the word s**t” and one instance of an offensive word for breasts, said Ofcom, the UK media regulator.

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Paramount said the incorrect version of Cribs was broadcast and this was a “regrettable mistake.” It added that the error was a “one off” rather than a “systematic failing.”

Paramount did, however, defend the broadcast of the words “s**t” and the breasts term at 8PM, arguing they were used in a non-aggressive and humorous context.

Ofcom said: “Frequent use of moderately offensive language, in a programme broadcast pre-watershed on seven occasions, was not justified by the context and was unlikely to have been within audience expectations of a programme broadcast on this channel at this time of day.”

The media regulator did not recommend any further punishment for MTV. It has the power to issue fines or remove broadcast licenses, but only tends to do this in extreme cases.

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