Mum-of-22 shares cute back to school snap as UKs biggest family end summer fun

Mum-of-22 shares cute back to school snap as UKs biggest family end summer fun

A proud mum-of-22 has shared cute back-to-school snaps as Britain's biggest family celebrated the end of the summer holidays.

The Radford family, which is headed by mum, Sue, and dad, Noel, are the largest family in Britain.

Together the couple share 22 children, and regularly post family adventures on The Radford Family Instagram page.

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In a recent post the parents shared an adorable snap of some of their children as they all lined up in their school uniform before preparing to head back to school.

After what must have been an incredibly busy and hectic time for the large family, the kids looked adorable in their matching uniforms as they were set to return to school after a summer of fun.

Mum Sue said the family had an "amazing" summer break, and they made a lot of memories to treasure.

She said the house seems so quiet as the "army" of children have now traded the family home for the classroom.

Writing on Instagram, Sue said: "And just like that they are all back at school and college.

"We’ve had the most amazing summer holidays and made some lovely memories.

"I’m feeling so emotional this morning that the house is so quiet and I don’t have an army of children saying 'mum, mum' every two minutes.

"It’s also Archie’s first day at big school today and he went in so well no tears or tantrums which was lovely.

"It’s also my baby’s first day at nursery tomorrow how did that happen?

"I’m so not ready for that but I know she’s going to love it."

Since the family shared the lovely snaps more than 11,700 have liked the back to school post.

People wished the little ones a good first day back at school, and said they have "grown up so fast."

One person said: "Bless them – hope they all enjoy school."

A second added: "I hope you get a chance to enjoy some well deserved you time."

Meanwhile, a third commented: "How smart are they?

"Happy days kids – don't waste a second."


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