Mum-of-seven spends just £5 on delicious meal for huge family using Asda food

Mum-of-seven spends just £5 on delicious meal for huge family using Asda food

A thrifty mum has explained how she spends just £5 on a tasty Italian dish for her family of nine.

Jamie Lee Horn shared her tips on TikTok, where she explained that she got her ingredients from Asda.

As a big family, Jamie needs a 3kg family pack fusilli and two big jars of Asda "hidden vegetable" pasta sauce.

While boiling the pasta, she starts cooking the main ingredient – sausages.

Jamie grills 12 sausages in the oven and cuts them up into pieces and adds them into the pasta.

The clip ends with her kids chowing down on a bowl of hot pasta.

She says: "How to feed a family of nine with a fiver. My kids are fed and happy."

Viewers were impressed by the simple recipe and were inspired to try it out as an "easy midweek meal".

One said: "Well done! I've literally no imagination when it comes to stuff like that so thanks for sharing, I'll be trying it."

"Please do more of these I love finding filling and easy midweek meals," another commented.

A third added: "Family of seven here this is one of our favourite meals."

Jamie said the dish is "an absolute staple in our house" because it is "quick, easy, cheap and guaranteed empty bowls."

She even joked: "Such a good tunny filler my oldest girl eats like a 20-year-old man."

In other news, a Morrison shopper managed to cut her family food bill down to £50 a week while feeding her family of four.

Her secret is to batch cook, go yellow sticker shopping and always chops and freezes food about to go off.

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