Mum with rare condition gives birth to world-first healthy baby

Mum with rare condition gives birth to world-first healthy baby

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Hira Ahmad, 28, suffers from Bruck Syndrome, which means she has brittle bones, restricted growth and uses a wheelchair. She grew up breaking bones so regularly she was taken to a hospital every three months. But after giving birth to Dua in January, she wants to share her story to inspire other mothers with disabilities.

Insurance officer Hira, from Wandsworth, south London, is believed to be the first in the world with the condition to give birth.She said: “People doubt you. They will say ‘you won’t be able to have a baby, it’ll be difficult for you’.

“But I want to put it out there that no matter what, don’t lose your hope. I want my baby girl to go out there and explain to people: ‘my mum is someone who had Bruck Syndrome and is a wheelchair user full time, she’s got brittle bones, but she still managed to deliver me in the safest way’.

“I want her to look up to me and have that inspiration”

Hira, supported by her husband Ather Amin, 24, required specialist care during her pregnancy at London’s St George’s Hospital led by Professor Asma Khalil.

The measures included monthly blood and iron infusions for anaemia and foetal testing to check if Dua would have brittle bones. Hira added: “It was the most excitement I’ve had in my life, knowing that she’s actually going to be a healthy baby. When the doctors clarified to me (Dua would not have the condition) I had tears of happiness.”

Doctors ran a simulated theatre trial to address the difficulties she would face in positioning herself during the birth to avoid fractures and dislocations.

Hira gave birth via C-section. She went into labour 36 weeks into her pregnancy. But after being taken to hospital, Dua was born without complications.

Hira, who wants more children, said being a mum was hard at first. She said: “In the beginning it was difficult, holding a tiny baby and pushing yourself in a wheelchair from one room to the other. I have my husband’s and my mum’s help.”

Professor Khalil, said: “Hira’s story is hugely inspirational.”

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