My bridezilla sister got engaged on my 21st birthday – her hen dos on my 22nd

My bridezilla sister got engaged on my 21st birthday – her hen dos on my 22nd

A woman jokingly branded her sister a "bridezilla" after she stole her limelight on her birthday two years in a row.

Laura Marr explained in a now-viral TikTok video that her sister overshadowed her 21st birthday when she announced her engagement last year.

To make matters worse, she then told viewers that her sibling had planned to do her hen do on the same day next year – which was Laura's her 22nd birthday.

Posting on her account @laurrmarr, she used the hashtag #bridezilla and added: "She knows what she did. When my sister gets engaged on my 21st and has her bridal shower on my 22nd."

She shows her sister, dressed up in a sleeveless white dress, in the background and points to her before making a gesture to the lyrics saying: "Don't talk to me."

Her video raked in a massive 6.3 million views and many viewers poured in to give her advice to how Laura could upstage her sister at the wedding and take revenge.

One said: "Wear a wedding dress to her wedding and hire someone to propose to you."

Another suggested an "evil plan", detailing: "Announce a pregnancy now and then tell everyone at the wedding it's a miscarriage…everyone will be so down after."

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A third understood the frustration Laura was feeling and added: "There's literally 364 other days they could have picked."

Last month, a woman was left raging when she found out a guest "upstaged" her on her wedding day.

The bride said the guest was wearing "white shoes" with a navy dress and subsequently told her that it was "totally inappropriate and really nasty".

Another woman, from the US, was called out by her bridesmaids for her barmy requests including wearing size 8 dresses and keeping the hair at shoulder length and straight.

She also apparently asked the wedding guests to donate $500 (around £350) towards her honeymoon.

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