My partner and I's sex life is dull – I want more but I'm scared to bring it up | The Sun

My partner and I's sex life is dull – I want more but I'm scared to bring it up | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I WANT the sex life from our early years back, but I am scared I’ll push my partner away if I try to discuss it.

I met her three years ago. Our first few months together were heaven. I had never experienced sex like it.

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But as time went on, we fell into a boring routine.

I now have to ask for sex, which is limited to once a week at the most.

My partner never instigates it or does anything to me sexually.

She never compliments me and her texts are unromantic one-liners.

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I am 53 and she is 52.

I love her and will do anything for her, but I feel like the spark has gone.

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DEIDRE SAYS: I can understand your sexual and emotional frustration.

Relationships can go through phases where one or both partners lose interest in sex.

Or, sometimes, one partner begins to have a more passive attitude towards initiating sex.

Pluck up the courage to talk to your partner about your concerns.

My Relationship MOT support pack could help you get the chat started.

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