‘My sexy snaps keep being deleted from Instagram – but fans love me’

‘My sexy snaps keep being deleted from Instagram – but fans love me’
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    A woman who has dedicated her life to transforming herself into a "real-life f*ck doll" has had her Instagram account suspended.

    Alicia Amira, 31, living in Dorset, UK, has had an endless amount of procedures to meet her physical goals and her thousands of followers adore her.

    Sadly, it seems that Instagram moderators do not.

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    “My third main account got deleted yesterday and as you all can see this post just got deleted too so I am reposting this, LET A BIMBO LIVE!!!” Alicia wrote in an Instagram caption on her backup account.

    “I can’t stand censorship, there’s no such thing as free speech anymore, it’s so sad. Thank god for @bimbo_fans!! The only place we can be safe!”

    Alicia sometimes posts controversial opinions about politics, claiming she is antifeminist and that she believes the movement has been negative for women.

    She also regularly discusses the bimbo lifestyle and says her main account have been deleted when she had 341,000, 41,000 and 101,000 followers.

    She added in her new bio: “Hunted like a witch so join to [sic] my own site.”

    The Nordic lass has thousands of fans who are ready and eager to jump to her defence.

    Many of them have commented on how unfair her account being banned seems to be.

    “This post doesn't go against guidelines – THIS BODY MUST EXIST,” one person wrote.

    “So sad, hate runs wild but they shut down positivity!” another commented.

    “Why in the world do they keep deleting you? I've never seen you post anything out of line or in violation of Insta policies,” a curious follower asked.

    Someone else theorised in their response: “They just delete her because of her body. Other more natural models on ig [sic] post in the same amount of clothes but Alicia's the one to get deleted. Instagram is just mad they’ll never be as hot as her.”

    Alicia moved from Sweden to the UK and began her transformation after quitting her PR job.

    She has had surgery on her breasts, forehead, eyes, cheeks and lips – and she isn’t done yet.

    The 31-year-old has been open about the procedures she’s had and how far she is willing to go.

    “I mean it when I say that I love to live my life as a real-life f*ck doll. I’ve erased who I used to be in order to become a plastic bimbo,” she previously said on Instagram.

    “I didn’t change, I evolved. Bimbofication means sacrificing everything about yourself on the altar of your sexuality – it means giving up a ‘normal life’ in order to become a full-time bimbo sex doll.

    “I could have lived a normal life if I wanted to, but I CHOSE to become a walking sex object. I’m proud of my journey, every step of it and all the steps I’m about to take.”

    She's had a variety of other procedures done to her face too, such as cheek fillers, nasolabial fillers, Botox, chin filler and jaw filler.

    Her lips have also doubled in size, she now has a “tiny plastic nose”, longer nails and “huge fake t*ts”.

    Daily Star has reached out to Instagram for comment.


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