Parents share smart way to hide treats from kids by putting them in veg bags

Parents share smart way to hide treats from kids by putting them in veg bags

If you want to make sure there are snacks in the house, then you’ll most likely want to hide them from your little ones.

Now there’s actually a very smart way of keeping treats away from your kids and it means you’ll have to hide them in vegetable bags.

A photo has gone viral on Facebook which shows an empty bag of vegetables filled with chocolate bars and other treats.

One snap shows inside the mixed vegetable bag while the other is it neatly hidden away with other goods in the cupboard.

And it’s no surprise that parents are absolutely loving the idea because it’s apparently the best way to hide treats from their kids.

While the bag of vegetables are put away in the pantry, some even parents suggested that the freezer is a better spot to hide the treats.

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Writing on social media, one user said: “Omg so got to try this.”

Another commented: “Maybe that’s why there are so many bags of peas and corn in the freezer…”

A third mum said: “Haha looks familiar, but I hid mine in the fridge vegetable drawer.”

While a fourth added: “Keep them in a box in the laundry with cleaning supplies, they’d never get found then.”

And a fifth commented: “Always my favourite place to stash the goods from my boys.”

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In other parenting news, a dad posted a “nightmare” snap on Facebook of the stairs after his son did a “sneaky dump”.

The dad dreaded the moment his child did a number two after she shuffled down the stairs completely naked.

He wrote: “Have a kid they said…

“When running his bath and he decides to take a sneaky dump somewhere then hide downstairs but you also taught him to go down the stairs on his bum.”

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