Passenger horrified at soggy grey mush Ryanair lasagne served on flight

Passenger horrified at soggy grey mush Ryanair lasagne served on flight

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An airline customer was fuming after ordering a lasagne onboard a flight back to the UK and being served the "soggiest, saddest, greyest-looking mush".

Sarah Wilson ordered the dish on her Ryanair flight from Vienna to Bristol earlier this month.

She spotted the delicious-looking image of the £5.20 vegan meal on the menu and was won over, reports the Mirror.

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The glossy brochure featured a photo of a golden-topped lasagne with melted cheese and plenty of seasoned vegetables.

But, the charity worker, from Bideford, North Devon was left disappointed after ordering the lasagne, as the finished dish looked nothing like the display on the menu.

Instead, Sarah was handed what she described as a watery, slimy meal that appeared to look more like cracked white paint rather than the tantalising, toasted lasagne meal that she hoped for.

She instantly sent the meal back and asked for it to be heated up properly, but was then given a completely new lasagne – which she said was just as unappetising.

Although slightly more beige in colour, the lasagne did not look anything like what was advertised in the glossy images.

She posted the comparison images on Twitter earlier this month (and tagged Ryanair, writing: "You need to review your food choice of vegan lasagne, the first one served was lukewarm and soggy so I sent back

"The second one served up was hotter but still soggy, nothing like the picture on the cardboard sleeve."

Speaking today Sarah said: "I was coming back from Vienna and I felt a bit peckish so I went to order a meal.

"From the packet the lasagne looked quite appetising and quite delicious. When it came out it was disgusting and tepid.

"I said 'this doesn't appear to be cooked' and I asked them to heat it up properly. They came back with a second one and it was just as bad. I couldn't eat it.

"I opened it up and thought, 'Jesus, I can't eat this'. I wasn't impressed at all. It was the soggiest, saddest, greyest looking mush. I just thought it was adding insult to injury.

"It looked nothing like what it was on the packet and I know Ryanair is a budget airline, but can they not offer a vegetarian alternative? Can they not advertise that when it's just not what you get? It's shoddy."

The meal is advertised on the Ryanair menu as: "Delicious gluten free lasagne with roasted vegetables and a soy béchamel sauce."

The meal was also given a PETA Travel Awards winner in 2019.

Ryanair has been contacted for comment.


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